Renault prepares Ampère, its metamorphosis


Renault is preparing Ampère, its next chapter, which should enable it to step up its plans for new mobility and its strategy to raise the bar. This week, its CEO Luca de Meo again mentioned the project which would include a historic modification of the Renault-Nissan Alliance, which has been in place for 23 years. Together, the two manufacturers no longer brought each other and with the Carlos Ghosn affair and the war in Ukraine, Renault carries its 44% stake in Nissan like a weight.

The operation would be historic. But Luca de Meo, after having reviewed the range of products, the commercial policy and somewhat the supply chains, knows that he must now look into the organization of the group in general, and that in state of affairs, it will not be able to invest enough in the projects that it is necessary to have in the automobile industry in 2022. Ampère must be valued at 10 billion euros and by selling its shares in Nissan, Renault wants the Japanese brand invests in Ampère.

Eyes on the future with Ampère and Mobilize

Negotiations are underway, but we already learn from an article in the Echoes that Renault would like Nissan to take a 15% stake, between 1 and 1.5 billion euros. Nissan, in addition to providing funds, would be good publicity for Ampère to find other investors, particularly in Asia. As for Renault and its stake in Nissan, the French automaker says it would be ready to lower its shares to 30%.

In the meantime, Renault’s 100% electric range and new forms of mobility are already active. It is called Mobilize and will also manage the fleet of car charging stations in France and in several European countries. In terms of cars, Mobilize competes in particular with Citroën and its Ami, a small city car accessible from the age of 14. The new brand will be present at the Paris Motor Show which opens its doors on October 17th.

Google and addiction

To see how, next year, Renault will decide to integrate the brand into its new group, and keep its historic Diamond (which has just been restyled) alongside the new entities. One thing is certain, the group is well on its way to collaborating with Google on the digital side. For two years now, the partnership between the two companies has enabled Renault to use American Big Tech tools for the digitization of its factories, data management and machine learning. In 2019, Renault was already using Google, this time to “explore autonomous mobility services”.

As for the production of batteries for its electric cars, Renault relies on Vektor, a Grenoble startup. According to its plans announced last February, a factory should open in Dunkirk and start production in 2025. Today, Renault and Alpine hold 20% of the capital of the young company. Produce local, a way to reduce the carbon footprint of production already. But not necessarily to be sovereign in this supply. We should know more about the other solutions by next year and the presentation of the new Ampere entity.

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