Video games will be entitled to their Cannes Film Festival


The city of Cannes, Antoine de Tavernost, for the AUDITOIRE agency (Omnicom Group) and Robin Leproux have just announced via an official press release the creation of the Cannes Gaming Festival, a prestigious ceremony dedicated to the creative industries of the video game which will aim to reward the best games, but also the actors who work every day in this industry to make this medium shine on a daily basis.

This festival aims to become the benchmark meeting place for brands, communities and the various players in the video game industry, in Europe and around the world. The 2023 and 2024 editions seem already confirmed.

The Cannes Video Games Festival is coming in October 2023

Cannes film festival

© Cannes Film Festival

Since September 1, 1939, the city of Cannes has become the capital of international cinema for two weeks with the famous Cannes Film Festival. All the biggest stars of the 7th Art, whether actors, directors or producers meet in the south of France, in front of the Palais du Festival or on the Croisette to celebrate this industry and reward future films.

From 2023, the video game could also have the right to this privilege. Antoine de Tavernost, who has been involved for several years in the world of gaming in the broad sense, the international group Auditoire (Omnicom Group) and Robin Leproux, the founder of ESpot and passionate about video games for more than 30 years come from announce the creation of the Cannes Gaming Festival. It will be a highlight that will aim to highlight the world’s leading cultural industry (with more than 180 billion dollars) which represents 9 times the Cinema industry (21 billion dollars) and 7 times the music industry ($28 billion).

The first edition will take place in October 2023 at the Palais du Festival in the city of Cannes, which immediately established themselves as the essential places to celebrate the 10th art. It will only be a single evening, with a prize-giving ceremony in the spirit of the great events in Cannes. In addition to this evening, the city of Cannes will organize various highlights in the city and within the Palais du Festival!

From 2024, the Cannes Gaming Festival will be back with this time an event which will extend over five days including BtoB meetings (meetings reserved for industry professionals) and a festival for the general public in addition to the award ceremony.

The “The Art of Play” ceremony will be carried by an international jury and embodied by legitimate, well-known and passionate personalities. The objective will be to reward creative talents from the world of Gaming (video games, mobile games, metaverse, etc.) who have distinguished themselves over the past year. The event will be broadcast live on the internet and will offer a modern and hybrid format, combining physical and digital experience.

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