You could have bought this iPhone for €649 and sold it for €30,000


When the first iPhone arrived in France, most of us only had in mind (or not) to get this model in order to use it. Almost no one suspected that the first Apple smartphone could later become a collector’s item, and sell for gold.

Indeed, today, if you have kept your 2007 iPhone in its sealed packaging, it is possible that you can resell it for several tens of thousands of euros.

The first (still sealed) iPhone is sold at auction

Apparently, an iPhone 2G with its packaging sealed is a very rare item. The LCG Auctions site, bidding started a few days ago for a sealed model and will end in two days. As of this writing, the best offer is $9,496. But the site estimates the value of this object to be $30,000 or more. The description clarifies that this iPhone has never been activated, and the plastic is clean with decent stitching detail and waterproofing.

It is not known if this auction will exceed the $ 30,000 expected by the site. But in any case, this is not the first time that an iPhone 2G never used and still sealed sells for gold.

In August, a still-sealed first-generation iPhone was also auctioned on the RR Auction site. And the best offer was $35,414.

How much did the first iPhone cost?

As a reminder, it was on January 9, 2007 that the first iPhone was presented by Steve Jobs. Then it was marketed in June, in the United States, at a price of 499 dollars for the 4 GB version, and 599 dollars for the 8 GB version.

French Apple fans had to wait since this first model only arrived in France in November. Meanwhile, 1.4 million units were already sold.

To launch its first smartphone in France, Apple teamed up with Orange, which was the exclusive operator. The price, with an Orange subscription, was 399 euros. But it was also possible to buy a bare iPhone 2G at 649 euros and unlock the device for free six months after purchase.

In any case, if you buy a first-generation iPhone today, it will only be for your collection (and if it is a sealed item, opening it will lose its value). Indeed, it is a smartphone that only connects to 2G and that Apple has stopped supporting.

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