from 0 to 20 million cars under its management overnight


Modern cars are jewels of technology. Increasingly, they are equipped with sophisticated software, which makes the automotive industry a great ground for innovation. To best manage the functionalities of their vehicles, manufacturers therefore logically call on the big names in Tech to collect navigation data.

Mercedes-Benz teams up with Microsoft

It is in this context that the agreement concluded between BMW and the cloud computing service Amazon Web Services comes into play. The German company, which currently has 20 million connected vehicles on the road, will use the expertise of Jeff Bezos’ firm for its next range of electric vehicles.

Thus, the Neue Kasse (new class in French) platform will be able to process three times the volume of vehicle data compared to what it currently does. For its part, Amazon has understood all the interest it could derive from the automotive market. He thus promises manufacturers “ advanced vehicle features and more personalized driver experiences at a lower cost “.

But the two companies are also aware that the collection of personal data is a sensitive subject for consumers, and that not everyone is enthusiastic about the idea of ​​driving in a connected car which could be targeted by hackers. computers.

In a joint press release, the two companies therefore want to be reassuring: “ Only internal BMW Group experts – vehicle application developers, fleet managers, data scientists and artificial intelligence, business intelligence and development engineers – have access to the data through a self-service mechanism that aggregates the data vehicles continuously. »

Chance of the calendar, we also learned this Thursday that Mercedes-Benz was going to use the Microsoft cloud to optimize its data platform which connects its 30 factories. The company hopes to achieve productivity gains of 20% for car manufacturing by 2025.

In particular, the German company wants to improve the predictability of its supply chain. Thus, it should be easier to detect problems related to the shortage of parts such as semiconductors, and therefore to better manage the manufacturing process. Note that Mercedes-Benz wants to achieve carbon neutrality by 2039, and that this type of tool can help achieve this.

In any case, these agreements confirm the domination of Amazon, Microsoft and Google in the cloud computing sector. Together, these three services account for approximately 75% of the market.

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