Marmiton revisits e-commerce in its own way


Launched 22 years ago, Marmiton has been an essential web address for a few years now for anyone wishing to make a cooking recipe. No less than 17 million Internet users are eyeing Marmiton’s cards to concoct dishes and desserts, with more or less success. Note that the Marmiton website has experienced meteoric growth in recent years, well “helped” in recent months by the coronavirus pandemic and containment measures. The site is well established in the Top 100 of the most visited websites in France. Today, Marmiton is launching its first store.

Marmiton launches its online store!

Indeed, in collaboration with the Unify group, Marmiton is launching its official “shop”, via tightR. A shop which is not integrated within the Marmiton website itself, but which intends to sell thousands of products obviously linked to the culinary world. It includes kitchen knives, as well as books, but also items related to home furnishings, tableware, cooking, baking, not to mention a selection of small household appliances. There are branded products, but also many products sold directly under the Marmiton brand.

Marmiton Shop

© Marmiton / tightR

We are launching this interface with Marmiton which allows us to offer a large catalog around the kitchen and eventually licensed products. The positioning of Marmiton as a reference site in the kitchen sector has already enabled the brand to successfully diversify, whether in the field of publishing or on television with our Marmiton TV channel.“, explains Florent Alzieu, affiliation director in charge of the project for Marmiton at Unify.

To develop its official store, Marmiton has teamed up with the start-up tightR, which specializes in the creation of turnkey marketplaces, which allows “create a multi-brand shop in 10 minutes“. In this way, the website adored by budding cooks and cooks makes it possible to offer a brand new e-commerce type space, entirely dedicated to the culinary arts. In total, more than 6,000 diverse and varied products are already listed in the store.

Throughout the year, Marmiton promises to offer its vast community many advantages in its stores, with of course exclusive promotions, but also entertainment and other surprises reserved for the most loyal customers.

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