Misery at Orange, this rival mobile plan is at a CRAZY price


It has been a year now that the price of mobile subscriptions has only been climbing. Even a RED by SFR, which has long been the benchmark on price, now displays a standard mobile plan with 100 GB for 17 euros per month. Sometimes there are still opportunities to be seized, but you have to be very keen.

This weekend, the Prixtel operator is one of the few to offer a mobile plan at an ultra-low rate. If you are looking for a long-term subscription (without a price that will double or triple after 6 or 12 months), we advise you to go with its Oxygen formula. It is an offer which is unusual and which comes in addition to its historical range of the operator.

In detail, this mobile plan contains unlimited calls, SMS and MMS and 30 GB for 7.99 euros per month. For almost the majority of French people, this amount of mobile data will be sufficient to last the month. If you’re using home and office Wi-Fi, you’ll have no problem staying under the limit.

See the Oxygen package

Prixtel is not a fan of non-package and it works in your favor: it offers higher data levels if you have a specific need. For example, this mobile plan also allows you to have 70 GB for 10.99 euros or even 130 GB for 13.99 euros. This allows you to always pay a correct price for the volume you use. Month after month, you can track your usage and you will be billed accordingly.

Today, changing plans and operators can be done in a few minutes. From your current telephone number, you must call 3179 to receive your RIO code (it will be given to you by an automatic voice). This code is unique and associated with your telephone number. When you enter it on the Prixtel site after having chosen your package, you will then initiate the transfer procedure. At the same time, you will cancel your current subscription.

A non-binding and CO2-neutral package

Prixtel has always operated on trust: its mobile plans are non-binding. You are free to leave without notice if you are no longer satisfied. This also forces him to always maintain high standards.

The Oxygen plan is the only one in the range not to experience a price increase after one year. It thus differs from the Le Petit, Le Grand and Le Géant formulas which form the usual range of the telecom operator.

These three packages operate on the same principle as the Oxygen version. Their difference rather in the price and the volume of mobile data: in the short term they are cheaper but after the first year, they become more expensive.

Let’s take the example of the Le petit mobile plan. This contains unlimited calls, SMS and MMS and 20 GB for 6.99 euros per month. There are two levels of 30 and 40 GB which are at 9.99 euros and 11.99 euros per month. These rates are guaranteed for the first year, after which they increase by 3 euros each. This means that in year 2, the 20 GB will then cost you 9.99 euros.

The small package

How the Le petit pass works © Prixtel

As for the Le grand version, it sits in the middle of the MVNO’s three offerings. It also includes unlimited calls, SMS and MMS. The difference is in the amount of data: by default, you will have 50 GB for 8.99 euros per month. Occasionally, you can also go to 70 GB for 11.99 euros or 90 GB for 14.99 euros per month. After the first 12 months, the price will go up for each level of 3 euros per month.

See the range of packages

Whether it’s the Le petit, Le grand or Oxygène package, they meet almost all the needs of a French person. If now you have an abnormally high usage of your mobile subscription, there is one last alternative: The giant. This varies from 100 to 160 GB per month depending on your needs. It also has the advantage of being compatible with the 5G network (a monthly supplement will have to be added). By default, it will cost 10.99 euros for 100 GB.

What about the competition? At RED by SFR, you have the same 100 GB for 17 euros per month (on the same network). Bouygues Telecom with its non-binding B&You range charges 15.99 euros per month for a package with such a data envelope. Finally, on the Orange side, you can find an 80 GB package for 14.99 euros per month for one year, then 29.99 euros beyond. Altogether, Prixtel is much cheaper.

Prixtel has a card to play

In recent years, Prixtel has really taken off with growth rates close to three digits. The telecom operator capitalizes on a transparent relationship, an affordable mobile plan and quality customer service. In the end, so many arguments that speak to the general public.

To succeed in boosting its popularity, it does not hesitate to rely on special offers from time to time. This is the case at the moment since all subscriptions (except Oxygen, which is there temporarily) see their price drop over the first year. Above all, Prixtel has increased the data envelope on each of the mobile plans – which also saves money. It will have to be subscribed before this Tuesday.

This is obviously just the icing on the cake, but we can also specify that Prixtel is the only operator to offset the CO2 emissions of its customers. By choosing this French operator, you are therefore guaranteed to see the carbon emissions of your mobile plan being offset. It’s a small step for the environment, and it can make a difference.

To discover the current offers, it’s here:

See the range of packages

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