Netflix continues to seduce, this study proves it


After two consecutive quarters of losing subscribers, Netflix is ​​looking for reasons to hope. The streaming platform clearly does not let itself be defeated and plans in particular to offer a cheaper subscription financed by advertising.

A study published in the middle of the summer has also something to make him smile. It appears that Netflix’s massive investment in its content is finally paying off. This survey was conducted by Parrot Analytics in the United States and the rest of the world.

Subscribers love Netflix original content

With regard to original productions, the experts of the analysis firm establish a “demand score”. In this little game, the streaming giant is very well ahead in the United States, but also outside its domestic market: 40.5 and 41.2% of this total. Amazon Prime Video is very far (9 and 11%), while Disney+ does even less well (8.3 and 7.5%). Finally HBO Max and Apple TV+ bring up the rear (around 7% each).

Note that this study dates from the second quarter of 2022. It was precisely during this time of year that the platform offered season 4 of Stranger Things in two parts. This mode of dissemination has apparently seduced the public who responded present.

Far from stopping in such a good way, the service still has many original programs on the program to convince customers to subscribe, or not to go to the competition.

While it is difficult to list them all here, we can mention Squid Game, Lupine, Umbrella Academy, The Bridgerton Chronicle, The Witcher, The Crown, Youor Sex Education.

Netflix wants to take inspiration from Marvel and create profitable franchises

This study therefore had to be appreciated by the firm of Reed Hastings. Other research published recently has indeed been much less to Netflix’s advantage. We spoke to you in particular last July about this survey which made it possible to question 2000 Americans. One trend emerges: 77% of respondents prefer to own digital content and assets rather than renting or streaming them.

Never mind, to generate new sources of revenue, Netflix hopes to create hyper-popular and infinitely declinable franchises, as Disney is already doing with Marvel and Star Wars. In addition to the audiovisual adaptations, the sale of derivative products could give a breath of fresh air to the finances of the streaming service.

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