“Star Wars must be released in cinemas, and not only in series” (Interview)


Last trilogy of disappointing films, confusing management, since its acquisition by Disney in 2012, the Star Wars franchise has faced many criticisms. However, it remains promised to a bright future, and has a substantial fan community that transcends generations.

We just decided to interview Thomas, aka Absolute, who has been running a YouTube channel specializing in Star Wars since 2016. He now has more than 150,000 subscribers and talks exclusively about the saga and its rich universe. The videographer even started full-time recently and decided to make it his professional activity.

Lemon Squeezer: Can you explain where your passion for Star Wars comes from? What was your first contact with the saga?

Absolute: My father first took me to see Revenge of the Sith in 2005 when I was only 5 years old, then I discovered the other films and then I played a lot with LEGO Star Wars while also discovering the animated series at the same time The Clone Wars.

Lemon squeezer: Matthew Belloni, a well-known insider in Hollywood, strongly criticized Disney’s management of the Star Wars franchise, especially concerning the films, do you share his observation?

Absolute: The quality of the latest films is subject to intense debate, but I don’t think there are right or wrong answers, everyone is entitled to their own opinion.

However, there’s no denying that some pretty weird things must be happening internally at Lucasfilm for even from an outside perspective their organization seems so chaotic. We also have announcements of projects before that are then finally canceled or postponed, in short, it seems a bit anarchic.

Lemon squeezer: Should the future of Star Wars only go through the series?

Absolute: I don’t think so, or at least I hope not! Star Wars is a cinematic event, I want to see films from the saga on the big screen. Star Wars rhymes with big show, and who says big show says big screen. The series should only be there to accompany us while waiting for the release of the big projects in the cinema.

Lemon Squeezer: When it comes to feature films, what kinds of stories would you like to see on the big screen?

Absolute : Things that stray from the Skywalker saga. The most logical solution would be to explore what happened long before The Phantom Menace. If Disney doesn’t want to take too many risks, an adaptation of certain Old Republic works could be a good starting point.

It’s something that fans have been asking for for a long time, and it’s really surprising not to see more projects concerning this period… For the moment, there is only La Haute République which is however an exclusively literary or almost.

Lemon squeezer: Let’s talk gaming, it is said that Disney plans to release two video games a year, good or bad idea?

Absolute: When this information was announced, a lot of people came screaming that it was a very bad idea because it took more than 6 months to create a quality game, which is obviously true. However, they omitted a major precision: it is not just one studio that will take care of it but many. If they are informed in advance, a very precise schedule can be put in place.

But it is true at the same time that the slightest delay could disrupt the whole schedule, and I hope that this will not fall on the backs of the poor developers who are already doing a crazy job and who are unfortunately often pushed to the limit…

Fingers crossed that everything goes well, and if so, I’ll be delighted because the video game news about Star Wars has been really poor in recent years, even though this universe can be worn on all styles of video game !

Lemon squeezer: One last annoying question: in what order should you watch the Star Wars movies?

Absolute: So there, I’ll say whatever, I’m not very Cartesian about it, however we have two schools. Either we start with the original trilogy, which allows us to keep the surprise of “I am your father”, and then we continue with the prelogy and then the postlogy.

Or we start with the prelogy / postlogy to avoid shocking the new viewer with the special effects of the original trilogy, which for some may have aged a little too much. But in itself, all possibilities are good as long as it allows you to discover this universe to new people!

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