Who is Preligens, the intelligence startup that interests the Army?


Modern wars are increasingly fought on the terrain of technology. In this register, the startup Preligens has serious assets to put forward. It has just signed a 240 million euro contract over a period of seven years with the General Directorate of Armaments (DGA).

“A national nugget whose applications are essential”

Concretely, the French army will use its artificial intelligence to see more clearly on the theaters of operation in the numerous data recovered by satellites. As reported by our colleagues from echoesthe tools developed by the tricolor nugget are indeed used to better read the images, and to detect developments on a strategic site.

This is obviously excellent news for the company created in 2016, which currently employs 230 people for a turnover of 25 million euros. On the DGA side, we explain that we want to use the startup’s tools for intelligence purposes for the three armies, as well as in the context of special operations and cyber defense.

Quoted by the economic daily, the management specifies: It is undeniably an important mark of trust, Preligens has developed good products and is in a niche of processing large masses of image data which is booming. “.

Recently, the Minister for the Armed Forces, Florence Parly, was also full of praise for the company and spoke of a ” national nugget, whose applications are essential for the field of defense “.

With no apparent connection, this announcement comes just as the US military publishes a report on what it could look like in 2030. Technology is at the heart of its project, with particular emphasis on virtual reality and simulations which will prepare its soldiers for combat situations.

In France, these innovations are discussed, and not everything is allowed. Thus, a Defense Ethics Committee was set up in early 2020 and is responsible for issuing opinions on the acceptability of technological innovations in the Army. Some countries, on the other hand, do less in the lace.

French Culture thus reported in 2021 the eloquent words of Thierry Berthier, teacher and researcher associated with the CREC in Saint-Cyr: “ If we place ourselves on the Chinese side, ethics is above all that of performance. Everything that is efficient at the tactical and operational level will be ethical. On the Russian side, we are on the same wavelength and on the American side we are coming to this, even if there was some reluctance at first. »

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