Halloween, Scream, horror cinema is looping


Launched in 1996, Scream is a true phenomenon of horror cinema. Several generations of spectators have indeed succeeded one another, but the success of feature films when they are released in theaters is undeniable. The saga is now in its sixth film which will be released in theaters on March 29, 2023.

Scream is also available in series, but the result is a little less convincing, it must be admitted. The plot does indeed tend to stretch in length, and the characters are not particularly endearing.

The Scream saga may never end and may tire us

With this success over time, one might wonder when the story of Scream will end on the big or small screen? The answer is probably never, at least not until the public responds.

This was suggested by Kevin Williamson, the creator of the saga, who wrote the first script for the film directed by Wes Craven. In an interview recently given to our colleagues at Colliderhe explained as follows:

Now I think it can continue. I have been proven wrong several times. I also think one of the wonderful things about Scream is that there’s a different killer in every movie. When you watch (horror cinema Editor’s note) There is Jason Voorhees, Michael Myers, or Freddy Krueger, they don’t disappear. And Ghostface changes with every movie, which gives us the opportunity to change the motif, to change the original story of Scream, and we can always twist and turn it, because it was always meant to be changed.

His remarks can be received in different ways depending on the point of view. Enthusiastic fans can particularly rejoice in the fact that we are not ready to see the end of Screamand that the franchise still has a bright future ahead of it.

But we can also sometimes regret seeing these great sagas of horror cinema extend in length, to such an extent that they no longer have much to tell and literally go around in circles. An emblematic example of this is provided by the series of films Halloween.

A new part was also released this Wednesday in France, soberly titled Halloween Ends. Except that the story may not end for good, and if the box office meets production expectations, it’s a safe bet that Michael Myers will come back to haunt viewers.

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