The range of the Porsche Taycan will take a magical leap forward


As at Tesla or Ford, Porsche can operate remote updates on its electric sedan. And the biggest operation to date since the release of the model in 2020 is being prepared… The Taycan will be able to benefit from several modifications to its software part which will benefit its autonomy in particular. The manufacturer, which has just entered the stock market, will not only focus on the new copies leaving the factory.

Up to 50 km more

All owners will be able to benefit from it at the beginning of next year. The increase varies according to the declinations. Thus, the Porsche Taycan will gain between 3 and 14% of additional autonomy. The biggest increase goes to the Porsche Taycan Turbo S Cross Turismo (the new estate version), which gains 50 kilometers on a single charge. The Taycan Turbo Cross Turismo is not far, at 47 additional kilometers, like the classic Turbo sedan, which gains 40 theoretical kilometers.

Porsche Taycan 2021 Cross Turismo

The new Cross Turismo (estate) version of the Porsche Taycan © Porsche

That said, a version of the Taycan does not seem to be affected by this update. The new GTS version, which applies to both the sedan and the estate version, is not set to improve its capabilities, according to the latest rumors. Difficult to know if the 2023 update will also apply to this version, because it is already the most powerful version of the range in terms of autonomy. It is the only model that can currently exceed 500 kilometers of autonomy according to the European WLTP cycle. A remark supported by the journalists of Drive Tesla Canada, in particular.

The underside of the update

To be able to improve the car’s range, the update will make changes to heat management in the cabin as well as to the powertrain directly. Porsche says it has improved the management of Normal and Range modes, particularly in the use of all-wheel drive for the models concerned. The gain in autonomy will also come from an automatic cut-out of the engine when the car is freewheeling. Enough to grab a few kWh, as announced last July by our colleagues from 01Net.

We are now waiting to know more about the date and the organization around the deployment of this update. As noted Electrek, Porsche does not specify whether customers will be able to update from home. In a press release, the brand said that “the update is free for customers and can be done during a visit to a Porsche service workshop”.

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