5 reasons not to choose the new offer with advertising


Netflix has finally decided to launch a cheaper offer with advertising. After months of rumors, we can therefore access the streaming platform for 6 euros per month.

For this price, you have to accept to make some sacrifices in addition to that of viewing advertisements while watching films or series. If this new offer has the merit of allowing the most modest households to access a catalog rich in content, it is not as interesting as it seems.

So here are 5 reasons not to choose the new Netflix offer with ads.

Uh…the ad

Netflix subscription

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And yes, paying a subscription to also have advertising, it’s a concept that we don’t really understand in France but very widespread in the United States. Indeed, in the land of Uncle Sam, we have been paying a small fortune for “cable” for years and we are also inundated with ads.

Let’s admit that the French accept this fact, the functioning of advertising on Netflix remains problematic. The company explained that the programs would be interspersed with a maximum of cuts of 60 seconds for series and 75 seconds for films (with spots of 15 to 30 seconds) and for a maximum duration of 5 minutes per hour.

Netflix is ​​happy to cut programs less often than on traditional TV (up to 12 minutes on some channels). Yes, but we pay nothing to access the other channels.

The price


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The offer Essential with ad from Netflix is offered at 5.99 euros per month. A sum which may seem affordable today but which is not so much if we look at the evolution of prices since the arrival of the platform in France.

Originally, Netflix was offered at 7.99 euros, 2 euros more than this offer. And at the time, the content of the offer was much more interesting. So yes, it was a conquest strategy with an aggressive call price. Also, Netflix did not have to face any competition except that of traditional television or national platforms like MyCanal and OCS.

Now Disney+ and Prime Video have joined this market with phenomenal punching power. Moreover, the price of 6 euros is not trivial since it is the launch price of Disney + in France.

So yes, 5.99 euros remains a very affordable price to access a library of so much content. But we can understand the frustration of some users who paid little more at startup for a richer offer.

The content of the offer

Senior Year Netflix

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The content of the offer Essential with ad is also more limited than on the platform’s other subscriptions. Even if we agree to pay less for advertising, the limitations do not stop there.

Indeed, subscribers to this offer must also agree to view content only on a simultaneous screen and with a quality limited to HD. We recall that Disney + was available at 6 euros at its launch with 4K HDR and Dolby Atmos quality. And poof!

We should also point out that subscribers to the offer Essential with ad cannot download content to watch later “offline”. So you won’t catch up on your late episodes on the train or metro.

The restricted catalog

stranger things

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It’s the chef’s little surprise. At the launch of its new formula at the beginning of November, the entire Netflix catalog will not be available. The company explains that, for rights reasons, only 85% of the platform’s catalog will be included in the offer Essential with pub.

The remaining 15% will arrive later promises Netflix without giving a specific date. She indicates that she still has to negotiate with the rights holders to obtain the rights to broadcast advertising on their content. At launch, the catalog will therefore be incomplete, even if most of the platform’s great successes will be available.

Better alternatives exist

apple tv 4k setup

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In absolute terms, Netflix’s offer could be suitable for an audience with modest finances. However, there are much better offers on the market.

First of all, internet service providers sometimes offer access to Netflix as an option for a small monthly supplement, more interesting than the offer Essential with advertisingall without advertising.

Netflix also offers an offer Essentiala bit more expensive but whose value for money remains more interesting. Billed 9 euros per month, it therefore costs only 3 euros less. But for this price, the entire catalog is included, there are no ads and downloading content for offline viewing is possible.

Still at Netflix, the family offer shared in several households remains the most profitable solution nowadays. In theory, it is mandatory to live under the same roof to share a family account, but most subscribers do not respect this rule. And since Netflix has not yet blocked this possibility, why deprive yourself of it?

Thus, with this offer offered at 18 euros per month, you can share the account with 4 people simultaneously. This therefore amounts to 4.50 euro per month per user. And since you can configure 4 different profiles, everyone can go to their own interface. As a bonus, the content is available in 4K. Really, there is no photo.

Finally, Canal+ offers a very interesting package for fans of series and films. For 35 euros per month, you can access Canal+ (several channels in the group), as well as the Disney+, OCS, MyCanal and Netflix platforms in addition to the LionsGate+ and Cine+ catalog. This is undoubtedly the most interesting offer today for any movie lover.

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