A Plague Tale Requiem, Asobo Studio’s masterpiece


Three years ago, the French teams of Asobo surprised everyone with A Plague Tale: Innocence. After fifteen years of collaborating on numerous games, the Bordeaux studio offered us its first project. The title immersed us in the Middle Ages, alongside Amicia and her little brother Hugo. We lived with them a poignant story, during one of the darkest periods of our history.

Both had to survive against two threats. On the one hand, an invasion of rats that spread death and chaos in Guyenne, a former province, located in the southwest of France. On the other, the members of the inquisition who wanted at all costs to get their hands on Hugo. Indeed, the latter was a carrier of Macula, a strange disease closely related to rats which gave the little boy many abilities allowing him to get closer to rats.

With A Plague Tale Innocence, Asobo made everyone agree. However, it was actually an appetizer. Tomorrow is the release of A Plague Tale Requiem, the sequel to the adventures of Amicia and Hugo that we have had the chance to discover for ten days. Discover our test on this nugget which will confirm that Asobo is an incredibly talented studio, offering itself the luxury of exceeding our expectations.

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A Plague Tale Requiem, a video game lesson

A Plague Tale Requiem takes place six months after the events of Innocence. We find Hugo, Amicia, Lucas and Béatrice in the south of France. Everything seems to be back to normal, but the sad reality will soon catch up with them. Hugo is still in the second stage of the Macula, and the disease will unfortunately wake up again. Several elements will lead to the deterioration of the health of the young boy and the chances of healing become increasingly weak. The last hope will be to find an island that could be the key to so many mysteries.

Although the urge to tell you about the story of A Plague Tale Requiem burns our fingers, we will not do it, because it would be a real crime to spoiler even a small part of the narration of this sequel. We can only confirm that the evolution of the studio in just three years of development is quite impressive. Whether in terms of graphics, staging and story, we are dealing with what is currently best.

Test A Plague Tale Requiem

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The story is full of twists, the dialogues are of quality, the atmosphere of the game is heavy, engaging. If you liked the story of Innocence, you will be captivated by this sequel. Get ready to taste the Requiem, this prayer, this song for the dead that will accompany you during many difficult times.

A Plague Tale Requiem is darker than the first installment, we face more poignant moments that particularly touched us. The narration of this new title reaches a level that is rarely seen in a video game and even in other cultural media. This story is sublimated by an exceptional staging, while that of the first episode was already remarkable. The icing on the cake, we have the right to an original soundtrack composed by Olivier Derivière, who again, after having offered us an admirable performance on the first opus, returns and sets the bar even higher with Requiem. Some titles will clearly make you shiver. Get ready, because you risk being marked by this story.

A magnificent journey, in the midst of terror

Test A Plague Tale Requiem

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A Plague Tale Requiem is a cruel paradox. Because the latter offers us a sumptuous visual rendering, and plunges us into chaos. The macula is gaining ground, and the more the disease develops, the more numerous and threatening the rats.

As we have been able to tell you previously, and during Gamescom, it is quite impressive to see how Asobo Studio has managed to raise the level on its entire title. Whether at the level of the narration, but also on the graphics. The game is a journey, offering us a multitude of panoramas, each as magnificent as the other. From the south of France, in the Colorado Provençale, to Marseille and the fictional island of La Cuna, we discover varied and beautiful landscapes.

The characters also had the right to a small facelift. These seem much more realistic, new animations have been integrated into this suite. Whether in movements, movements or even facial animations. A Plague Tale Requiem may be an AA game, but it doesn’t have to be ashamed of big productions. Even better, Asobo manages to rival and even surpass some AAAs that have come out recently.

The art of staging

Test A Plague Tale Requiem

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The narration, the graphics, but also a big increase in power in terms of staging. We have even more cinematics, which are more polished (while the first opus already set the bar very high). Some situations are simply astounding, such as the numerous attacks by rats.

Where we face thousands of rats in A Plague Tale Innocence, A Plague Tale Requiem plunges us into a nightmare where several hundred thousand rats attack together. A feat made possible thanks to the power of next-gen consoles and magical SSDs. This allows you to have a very nice rendering which brings its share of stress when you are chased by this ocean of rodents who have only one idea in mind: to destroy everything in their path.

Technically, the game again achieves near-faultless performance. During the whole adventure (which lasts about fifteen hours in a straight line), we faced a few small collision bugs and rare drops in framerates at random times during our journey. On the other hand, no annoying bug, no freeze, and not the slightest slowdown during the strong sequences or the rats attacked in number.

Improved gameplay, but still perfectible

Test A Plague Tale Requiem

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On the gameplay side, we also have many improvements. The latter is more flexible, less heavy. Amicia can now aim at 180°, the system for targeting enemies has been completely revised by the Asobo teams. We still have our sling, as well as other items to help us in our quest. A crossbow, knives that we must find to stab our enemies or open chests.

We also have even more alchemy spells, which can be fused with other items like pots or the crossbow. We feel that the Asobo teams had this desire to bring something new and diversity. Ditto, as in the first opus, we will meet several companions during our adventure, who will all have their particularity which will energize and vary the gameplay.

Also new, Hugo can now communicate with rats, which allows him to have a listening mode to spot enemies around him, even those hidden by buildings or objects. He can also take control of rats and direct them at enemies.

Test A Plague Tale Requiem

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On the other hand, these small improvements remain less striking in the face of the enormous rise in power of the other points (narration, graphics, staging). We are still on a gameplay that quickly reaches its limits. When several enemies attack us, it becomes complicated to have a very fluid gameplay, sometimes it is difficult to aim quickly. This effect is accentuated by a large number of clashes.

The enemies are plentiful, maybe too many at times, and the fights tend to get a little long drawn out. It is especially on these moments that we realize that the gameplay has been improved, but that it still lacks a little something.

Special mention however for the DualSense which is (finally) exploited. Again, congratulations to the Asobo teams who managed to offer us a real experience, probably one of the first to come close to Astro Bot. Thanks to the haptic vibrations, we feel the slightest steps of Amicia and Hugo, the movement of the rats, the sound of the explosions… The adaptive triggers are also used when we use our weapons and in particular our sling. It’s a real little pleasure.

A Plague Tale Requiem, a place among the greats

Test A Plague Tale Requiem

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With A Plague Tale Requiem, Asobo shows once again that it is not necessary to benefit from a fabulous budget to create a real nugget. It is certain that the title sometimes reaches these limits. Some animations repeat, some hotkeys are used to transition between cutscenes. But this remains so derisory next to all the richness of the game.

A Plague Tale Requiem is simply a masterpiece. In just three years, the teams from the Bordeaux studio have managed to learn and considerably raise their level to offer us a sequel that exceeds our expectations. The title will immerse you in a poignant adventure, which will undoubtedly hurt your emotions and which will end up marking you as rarely a game has been able to do. The narration is brilliantly conducted, combined with a staging worthy of the greatest video game studios, all enhanced by the soundtrack composed by Olivier Derivière.

Get ready to live a great moment alongside Amicia and Hugo. A melodious journey that will flirt several times with death. An experience from which we do not come out unscathed. And just for that, thank you, Asobo.

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A Plague Tale Requiem


A Plague Tale Requiem Gamescom Preview

WE love

  • The wonderfully well-paced narration, combined with a sublime staging
  • Sumptuous graphics
  • The Amicia/Hugo relationship even stronger and more touching
  • The soundtrack composed by Olivier Derivière is a delight for the ears and allows for epic moments.
  • The rats that will clearly play a role in this sequel

We love less

  • Some sequences/fights with enemies that drag a bit

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