Android 13 is coming to Samsung smartphones, here’s what’s new


Generally, when you use a Samsung smartphone, it does not use the pure version of Android, but an overlay from the manufacturer, which modifies the interface and adds other functionalities, in addition to those available on the open source version of the operating system.

For example, on Xiaomi smartphones, you use the MIUI overlay. And on OnePlus smartphones, you use the OxygenOS overlay. Samsung is no exception to this rule since its smartphones use a modified version of Android called One UI.

And the good news is that users of the Korean giant’s Galaxy smartphones will soon be able to enjoy One UI 5, the new version of Samsung’s operating system, based on Android 13. One UI 5 is currently being tested in beta and soon, it will be available in stable version. Indeed, Samsung indicates that in the coming weeks, the deployment of this interface based on Android 13 will begin on Galaxy smartphones.

In addition to the novelties that are included in Android 13, Samsung has added other features for its smartphones.

Even more personalization

On iPhone, iOS 16 offers new options to customize the interface of the operating system. And of course, Samsung also offers new features to customize One UI.

On the lock screen, you can do a long press to change the image and the appearance of the clock. A new option allows you to create an animated lock screen wallpaper from a video. Regarding the interface, Samsung has also revised the appearance of notifications so that they are more intuitive.


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One UI also includes a new function called “modes” which adapts the smartphone settings according to your activities. The user can for example use a special mode when playing sports so as not to be disturbed by notifications. Or, when it’s time for bed, a mode can be used to turn off sounds and turn on the dark interface.

With One UI 5, Galaxy smartphones also become more proactive. Samsung’s overlay analyzes user habits in order to offer applications or actions at the right time.

More security and a new function for calls

Samsung’s new One UI 5 interface also features improvements in user privacy and data protection. For example, the manufacturer offers a new dashboard to manage the security and privacy of the smartphone, where it will also find suggestions for actions to improve data protection.

The operating system can also warn the user if it finds that it is in the process of “unintentionally” sharing sensitive information such as the photo of an identity document or a bank card.

Otherwise, the Korean giant has also developed a new function that allows the user to answer a call without speaking. How it works ? When the user receives a phone call, the Bixby Text Call feature transcribes what the caller is saying and allows you to respond by entering text. Handy if you’re in a meeting and can’t talk.
But unfortunately, this novelty is only available for Korean users. An English-language rollout is also planned for 2023.


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