Led by an artificial intelligence, this political party is interested in France


Although it may seem dystopian, it is very real. In Denmark, a political party, called the Synthetic Party, is led by an artificial intelligence.

According to a recent Vice article, this party was created in May by an artist collective called Computer Lars and the NGO MindFuture Foundation. Its leader is not a human, but an artificial intelligence called Leader Lars.

More specifically, Leader Lars is a chatbot, with which Internet users can chat on Discord. And to create its program, this artificial intelligence has used those of the Danish marginal parties since 1970.

An AI that synthesized the ideas of small parties?

As the artist Asker Staunæs, one of the founders of this party, explains, this one represents “the data” of all these marginal parties. “[…] it is all the parties that try to get elected to parliament, but do not have a seat”, also indicates this one, quoted by Vice. The party believes that its program could suit the abstainers.

Of course, since Leader Lars is not a human, he cannot stand in the legislative elections. It is the human members of the Synthetic Party who will try to bring the program to parliament. Currently, the goal is to secure a seat in the November election.

The chatbot understands English, but only responds in Danish. Our colleagues from Vice have tested this AI, by asking it, for example, if it is in favor of universal income. Leader Lars reportedly replied: “I am for a basic income for all citizens.”

Why ? “I believe a universal income would help reduce poverty and inequality and give everyone a safety net to fall back on”said the artificial intelligence.

However, as I write this article, the AI ​​seems to have changed its mind about this. When I asked Leader Lars if fossil fuels should be banned, he replied that they should at least be heavily regulated to help protect the environment. Regarding crypto, the IA is against a ban, but believes that these should be regulated in such a way as to protect investors and fight against money laundering.

If you have a question to ask this AI, you can go to Discord, and start your question with a “!”. Ask the question in English, then you will have to translate the answer.

These discussions with the chatbot not only allow Leader Lars to share his ideas. Indeed, when Internet users chat with him on Discord, the data of these conversations is collected. And later, these can be used to perfect the artificial intelligence with new texts and new points of view.

France in the sights?

For the moment, the Synthetic Party has yet to collect signatures and at the time of this writing, the objective is (very) far from being achieved. However, he already aims to bring his idea to other countries.

“We are in conversation with people around the world, from Colombia, France and Moldova, about creating other local versions of The Synthetic Party, so that we can have a form of Synthetic International”reveals Asker Staunæs.

However, it should be noted that this system is far from perfect. For example, since artificial intelligence deals with claims from multiple parties, there may be contradictions in its agenda. Staunæs also admits that the artificial intelligence is populist by default, since its leader has been driven by large amounts of data.

“Populist” and “democratic”

What the party wants to do is propose an AI that is both populist and “democratic”.

“Artificial intelligence in the form of machine learning has already absorbed so much human input that we can say that in some way everyone is participating in these patterns through the data they have submitted to the internet”, said Staunæs. However, current systems do not encourage active participation, through which Internet users would take control of their data.

Moreover, it should be noted that the program of this new political party includes the addition of a new Sustainable Development Goal to the United Nations. To objectives such as the fight against poverty, or the fight against climate change, he wants to add a new objective called “Life With Artificial”. An objective that would concern our interactions with artificial intelligence.

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