Mario’s comeback on the Switch


Five years ago, Nintendo and Ubisoft collaborated for the first time on an exclusive for the Nintendo Switch. The bet was daring, since with Mario and the Raving Rabbids Kingdom Battle, the two firms offered a strategy game, which was quite accessible, but which nevertheless changed from what we were used to seeing with these two cult licenses.

With more than 10 million players on the first game, the success was beyond expectations and the gamble paid off. This is why Ubisoft and Nintendo are collaborating once again to offer us a sequel with Sparks of Hope which will be available on Thursday, October 20, 2022.

Back in force of Mario and the Rabbids? We see that right away!

Mario and Ubisoft, a rolling business

After the huge success of the first opus, the first collaboration between Nintendo and Ubisoft on Switch, but also, and above all, between Mario and the Rabbids to save the world, we embarked on Sparks of Hope with undisguised pleasure.

Already last month, we had the right to a first glimpse directly at the premises of Ubisoft. During this first grip, we were already very satisfied. The game was full of good promise, giving us hope for a sequel that would outclass the first. This feeling can only be confirmed once you beat this Mario and the Rabbids Sparks of Hope.

To put it simply, the Ubisoft Milan teams have taken all the good things from Kingdom Battle, to improve them and add some well-thought-out new features that will fit perfectly into this new game.

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This time, Mario, Luigi, and Princess Peach will once again unite alongside the Rabbids and in particular Rabbid Mario, Rabbid Luigi and Rabbid Peach to find the Sparks. Strange stars that contain great power and could pose a great threat to our universe if they fall into the wrong hands.

Here we go on a new quest to the four corners of the galaxy. Get ready to discover five open world planets, with a multitude of activities to do. Little icing on the cake, your adventure will of course be sprinkled with the always effective humor of the Rabbids!

The Rabbits Strike Back

test mario rabbids sparks of hope


In this new opus, you will leave the Kingdom of Mushrooms to think bigger. Get ready to go at the speed of light in a ship that, every time, will also be able to do “the Kessel Run in less than twelve parsecs”. Mario and the Rabbids Sparks of Hope takes you to a distant galaxy to discover five planets (Beacon Beach, Pristine Peaks, Palette Prime, Terra Flora and Barrendale Mesa).

Unlike the first opus, each place you visit will be in the open world. Of course, you shouldn’t expect to discover gigantic planets à la No Man’s Sky. These are rather modest areas, but which you can explore freely. If you want to focus on the main quest, you can. If you prefer to explore every corner of the different planets, to do side missions, solve mysteries, find hidden Sparks, face additional mini-bosses or even to stock up on coins to buy upgrades, you can!

test mario rabbids sparks of hope


Mario and the Rabbids Sparks of Hope offers great freedom, with many varied and fun activities and challenges. In a straight line, it will take about twenty hours to overcome the main frame. On the other hand, if you plan to finish the game at 100%, find all the Sparks, improve them to the maximum level, find all the secrets, memories, etc. It will take between 30 and 40 hours of play.

When you are in free mode and exploring the different planets, it will be possible to face enemies. Or, you decide to bypass them to explore quietly. Either, you go to the confrontation. If so, you will automatically be teleported to a battle arena. If you pass the test, you will earn experience, coins (to buy upgrades) and colored stars to improve your Sparks.

Improved battles that provide even more fun

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The fights were already very effective with Kingdom Battle. We are delighted to see that Ubisoft has found a way to perfect these with Sparks of Hope. The main element is that you lose the grid effect on the ground. Now we have areas, in which our characters can move with a limited number of steps.

Charged attacks (when you tackle your opponents) no longer count as a move. Now you can do a charged attack, move, team jump to move even further, attack with your primary weapon, use your secondary weapon (your ability), or call on your Sparks. The fights will thus gain in dynamism, they are much more action-oriented, while keeping a strong strategic side.

test mario rabbids sparks of hope


Some battles will not be easy. Sparks will allow you to modify your weapons with special moves: electric, fire, ice, poison, etc. You will have to use Beep-0 to scan your enemies, check their strengths and weaknesses and above all alternate between attacks, skills and the use of Sparks.

By winning fights, you will earn colored stars that will allow you to improve your Sparks to do more damage. You will earn coins to buy items (mushroom to earn life, etc.). As well as experience that will allow you to unlock new skills with your characters. On this part, it remains very close to the first game, simple and effective.

Graphically, Ubisoft does wonders, the Switch struggles

test mario rabbids sparks of hope


In terms of graphics, Mario and the Rabbids Sparks of Hope is very pretty. The cinematics offer us a very nice rendering. Even in game, there are no big problems and the Ubisoft Milan teams have even done a remarkable job. Unfortunately, it is the Switch itself that is the problem. We feel that the console is starting to get old and that 720p in portable mode is starting to look retro in 2022. Thus, we find a lot of aliasing on certain textures, and others are not very pretty. It’s a shame, although we reassure you, the game is doing really well and remains very pretty.

Mario and Rabbids Sparks of Hope, the bwaha-gnant return

test mario rabbids sparks of hope


Our impressions of last month are confirmed without any real worries. This suite is a real little nugget that will make you have a great time. The game is fun, accessible and even addictive. When you start visiting the galaxies and chaining the fights, it’s hard to let go of the game.

The Ubisoft Milan teams have managed to take all the good points from Kingdom Battle, to improve them and add some very cool new features. It’s a great success, and once again, Mario and the Rabbids become a staple of the Switch for this end of the year.

Mario + Rabbids: Sparks of Hope


Mario Sparks of Hope Review

WE love

  • Very nice graphically despite the Switch which is getting old
  • The improved gameplay, even more effective
  • Solid lifespan
  • The open world planet system
  • Side missions, secrets etc… which are fun and interesting!

We love less

  • A little alisasing
  • The “strategy” side could stop some

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