Apple’s spatial audio arrives in Mercedes cars, what does it change?


This is an announcement that should appeal to music lovers. Apple and Mercedes-Benz have just formalized support for the Spatial Audio function available via Apple Music in certain vehicles from the German manufacturer. In detail, here are the cars concerned: Mercedes-Maybach, EQS, EQS SUV, EQE and S-Class.

Please note, however, that this new feature will not be available to everyone, as you will first need to equip your vehicle with a Burmester 3D or 4D audio system. Cost of the operation: several thousand additional euros.

Revolutionary technology from Apple arrives at Mercedes

This did not prevent Oliver Schusser, the vice president of Apple Music and Beats, to be delighted with this partnership: Spatial Audio is revolutionizing the way artists create and fans listen to music, and it’s an experience impossible to explain in words; you have to hear it for yourself to appreciate it. With Mercedes-Benz, we now have even more opportunities to deliver fully immersive music to our subscribers around the world. »

It is necessary to remember that Spatial Audio was presented by Apple in 2021. This new feature should transform the general public’s musical listening. Until now, we listened to the songs via a stereophonic diffusion which distributed the sound to the left and to the right. Now, this technology allows us to broadcast 360° sounds from stereo sources (headphones, earphones). Enough to allow a more immersive listening experience that changes the game.

Little by little, the Apple brand is revisiting the songs to make them compatible with this option, but for now, only a few thousand songs are available via this tool.

This agreement between Mercedes-Benz illustrates in any case the existing links between the major manufacturers and the giants of Tech. Modern automobiles have indeed become jewels of technology loaded with software. To run the machine, companies therefore need the expertise of Silicon Valley companies.

We saw it again last week with the announcement of an agreement between BMW and the cloud computing service Amazon Web Services. The German company, which currently has 20 million connected vehicles on the road, will use the expertise of Jeff Bezos’ firm for its next range of electric vehicles.

Amazon, for its part, has understood all the potential it could draw from manufacturers. She promises, advanced vehicle features and more personalized driver experiences at a lower cost “.

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