Audi, the future manufacturer of mobile depolluters


After a relatively timid start, 2022 is the year of all records for electric cars. Less polluting than thermal counterparts, they nevertheless emit fine particles due to the friction and wear of your brake pads or your tires. Of the 85% of fine particles filtered by each vehicle, the remaining 15% comes in particular from these parts. For Audi, a solution is possible and could be adapted to its entire range.

The German manufacturer wants to transform its cars into veritable itinerant depolluters, which will be able to recycle ambient air. The aim is not only to filter the fine particles that the vehicle itself would emit into the atmosphere, but to suck the fine particles already emitted by other vehicles, into the ambient air.

Reduce the emission of fine particles

This new project comes after the construction site on the recycling of batteries, which Audi wishes to settle with the startup Nunam, since this summer. For once, a partnership system will still take place and the brand has already approached the supplier Mann+Hummel to jointly produce a new particle filter to clean up the ambient air.

Fine particles Audi Filter


The new filter would be installed at the front of the cars, just behind the grille. The system would come to act as a vacuum cleaner which absorbs the fine particles of the air which it meets when it circulates. Audi specifies that the system will have no impact on the energy consumption of electric cars. It must be said that the system will be added to already existing devices for ventilation.

Audi has tested this system on its e-tron SUV to ensure that such technology does not affect the use of the vehicle. After 50,000 kilometres, the manufacturer ensures that the filters have no negative effect on operation on an electric vehicle. As the filters do not have very long lifespans, it will be necessary to change the latter during each technical inspection.

Of course, with such a project, Audi guarantees that this filtration system is produced in an environmentally friendly way. The filter is made of 15% recycled material while the entire system is 60% recycled. Audi estimates that its system could filter the equivalent of 14.90 kilograms of CO2. The project is in test from 2020 until 2024.

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