Harrison Ford Joins Marvel in Promising New Role


We are now used to seeing very big names from Hollywood joining the Marvel Cinematic Universe. However, it is a real good surprise to see Harrison Ford, star of the Indiana Jones and Star Wars sagas taking such an initiative just after celebrating his 80th birthday.

What role for Harrison Ford at Marvel?

He will play General Ross, a character who was previously played by William Hurt, now deceased. According The Hollywood Reporterwho was able to confirm this information with several sources, Harrison Ford will notably be present in the feature film Captain America: New World Orderwhich is scheduled for release in France on May 1, 2024.

But that’s not all, because our colleagues also indicate that he will take over this role in the film. Thunderbolts, a film dedicated to a team of super-villains, which can be compared to the Suicide Squad proposed by DC Comics. This production should be released in July 2024 in France.

But by the way, who is this General Ross who will be in charge of interpreting Harrison Ford? We have already been able to see it at work in several MCU films: The Incredible Hulkand Captain America: Civil War.

In detail, it is a soldier who was notably in charge of a biotechnical weapon program. The experiment degenerated into an accident and in particular had the consequence of transforming Bruce Banner into the Hulk. General Ross later left the military to serve as United States Secretary of State. He was thus at the origin of the Sokovia Agreement, intended to better control the actions of the Avengers to avoid abuses. It all escalated into a brutal confrontation after Captain America decided not to lay down his arms.

General Ross should therefore have an important role in the next Captain America. The role of the superhero is now vested in Anthony Mackie after the departure of Chris Evans. The director of this film, Julius Onah, rightly returned to the criticisms of certain fans who do not find the superhero at the height of his predecessor:

First, wait until you see this movie. Then I think if anyone is wondering why someone like Anthony Mackie or Sam Wilson should be at the center of it all, you have to go back to what Captain America represents. It’s so beautiful to have a character who stands up for what’s right and to think of a world in which everyone can belong. That’s exactly what Captain America is. So there’s really nothing to take away, just things to celebrate, and all of these people should feel invited to celebrate that.

Before finding Harrison Ford in the MCU, we will have the pleasure of seeing him at work in Indiana Jones 5 from June 28, 2023 at the cinema.

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