If your iPhone 14 has this SIM card issue, you’re not the only one


While there weren’t any big bendgate-like scandals, it can’t be said that Apple’s launch of the iPhone 14 series didn’t go off without a hitch. Indeed, once these new models were marketed, users reported bugs, such as the one that caused the cameras of the iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max to vibrate.

Apple has already fixed this bug via a software update. But apparently, it already has another bug to fix: a problem with SIM cards.

A problem mentioned in a note that would have leaked

To be precise, Apple has not yet officially expressed itself on this problem. But in a recent article, our colleagues from MacRumours mention an internal note from Apple, to which they would have had access, and which mentions this problem related to the SIM card on the iPhone 14 series.

According to MacRumours, in this note, Apple “admits” that some users are affected by this problem. Affected people would see a message that the SIM card is not supported.

And after showing this message, some iPhone would crash completely. The good news is that the note would evoke a software problem and not a hardware problem. In addition, an investigation is already underway.

What to do if you encounter this problem on your iPhone 14?

The documents relayed by MacRumours would also include the procedure to follow if this problem appears on an iPhone 14. Our colleagues explain that after the appearance of this message, it would be necessary to wait a few minutes, hoping that it disappears.

Otherwise, the best thing is to do nothing and take the device to an Apple Store or an authorized Apple partner, in order to request technical assistance.

Soon, an update?

As mentioned above, for the moment, Apple has not yet officially acknowledged this problem. But since this is a priori a software problem, it should normally be solved via a simple iOS update.

It remains to be seen if the fix (if needed) will be released before iOS 16.1 or if it will be included in this major iOS 16 update. Currently being tested in beta, iOS 16.1 will include new features for iPhones, such as a new display for battery level, a system to open apps faster after installation, and Live Activities.

In the United States, Apple also offers green charging to iPhone users. This optimizes battery charging so that it takes place when carbon emissions from the power grid are lower.

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