Is Disney blackmailing French cinema?


The news was eagerly awaited by Marvel fans. Finally, after a very long hesitation, Disney has confirmed that the film Black Panther: Wakanda Forever will be released in French cinemas on November 9th. If the entertainment giant has waited this long, it is because it is currently engaged in a fight to renegotiate the media chronology.

Will Disney release its next movies directly in streaming?

This rule defines the distribution schedule of a film after its passage in the cinema. As far as Disney is concerned, and under the new rules, productions cannot be offered for streaming for 36 months. This is too much for American society, which intends to review these deadlines.

And if Disney has finally decided to broadcast its next Marvel film in France, the company is keeping the pressure on. In a Twitter thread, Hélène Etzi, president of The Walt Disney Company France, explained:

As previously stated, the current media timeline is not aligned with viewer behaviors and expectations, is counterproductive, and puts all producers and artists at increased risk of piracy. For all these reasons, we share the opinion of the majority of players in our sector, who agree that it must be completely revised.

She adds : ” As we have done so far, we will contribute constructively to the reflections and debates during the next meetings with all the players in the sector, organized under the aegis of the CNC, in order to define as of February 2023 a new framework that we want to be fair, flexible and incentivizing the release of films in cinemas. In the meantime, we will continue to decide the release strategy for our films on a case-by-case basis. »

This last statement therefore means that a certain suspense should surround the release of the next Disney films in France, and that one of the studio’s productions could be directly offered on Disney+ without going through the cinema box.

It should be noted that the French channels are also fighting to assert their interests concerning the chronology of the media. In a recently published column, the leaders of the France Télévisions, TF1 and M6 groups beg the public authorities not to give in to the demands of the major streaming platforms because “ the survival of French cinema is at stake, which free-to-air channels finance and are the only ones to offer the public free of charge: do we want access to cinema in France to be reserved for paying services? »

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