The DualSense Edge controller comes at the price of a Nintendo Switch


A few weeks ago, to everyone’s surprise, Sony announced a brand new DualSense controller for its PS5, and for the most demanding players. A sort of response to the Elite controller at Xbox, the DualSense Edge controller is intended to be a “pro” controller, fully customizable, and intended for those looking for more comfort, precision, performance… Today, we learn that the controller DualSense Edge will be available at the beginning of 2023, at a price that makes more than one player jump…

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The price of the DualSense Edge controller is already controversial…

Thus, on the side of Sony, we are delighted to announce that the very first ultra-customizable controller developed by PlayStation, will be released worldwide on January 26, 2023. Pre-orders will begin on October 25. A way for Sony to respond to Microsoft and its Elite Series 2 controller, displayed at 179.99 euros. We could have expected a similar price for the DualSense Edge, but it was obviously very bad to know the new price policy at Sony…

Indeed, Sony confirms that the DualSense Edge wireless controller will be available at the recommended retail price of 239.99 euros. Additionally, the replaceable joystick modules will also be available worldwide on January 26, at an MSRP of €24.99. Thus, the complete pack will be charged 264.99 euros, a price that is explosive to say the least, which is close to that of… a Nintendo Switch!

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At this price, we will therefore benefit from a customizable controller, delivered with a braided USB cable, 6 caps for the joysticks, two semi-rounded rear keys, two rear paddles and a small connector, all neatly stored in a small case transport. The height of luxury and technology, Sony offers the possibility of recharging the DualSense Edge controller via USB, while it is stored in its case.

Still, the advertised price of this new controller is enough to make players jump. Remember that the price of a DualSense controller “classic” is 69.99 euros. On the Microsoft side, we recently launched a new Core version of the Elite Series 2 controller, a more affordable version at 129.99 euros “only“.

When it comes to the PS5, it’s important to remember that the console (with disc drive) recently saw its price jump to 549 euros, up from 499 euros at launch. Also, with Sony’s new pricing policy, many are worried about the upcoming price of the PlayStation VR 2, the price of which will undoubtedly flirt with that of the PS5… or even exceed it? Reply soon.

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