The hype behind Nothing headphones, their price is exploding


If you want to buy wireless earphones and you don’t like AirPods, or if you don’t use an iPhone, the Ear 1 from Nothing brand are among the best options available to you. As a reminder, Nothing was created by Carl Pei, the co-founder of OnePlus.

And with this new brand, which has already released a smartphone, Pei seems to want to recreate the OnePlus spirit of the beginnings: when it offered quality products, but at unbeatable prices. Nothing’s first product, the Ear 1 wireless headphones, reflects this. Indeed, while the AirPods 3 cost 199 euros, and the AirPods Pro 2 cost 299 euros, Carl Pei’s brand offers its competing product at only 99 euros.

At this price, you get wireless headphones with a transparent design (the hallmark of Nothing), good sound quality, and active noise cancellation. However, if you’re tempted by this product, and if you haven’t bought it yet, you better hurry (at least that’s what Carl Pei suggests).

Nothing will increase the price of its headphones by 50%!

Generally, the older a product is, the lower its price. But as far as the Nothing Ear 1 headphones are concerned, it’s rather the opposite that will happen.

In a tweet, Carl Pei announces that the price (in the United States?) of these headphones will increase from 99 dollars to 149 dollars, an increase of 50%. This will come into effect on October 26. But why ? Due to rising costs.

One would think that this is part of the effects of inflation. But Pei cites another reason.

“When we started developing it, we only had 3 engineers. A year later, we have 185. During this time, the Ear (1) has received 15 firmware and tuning updates, and is a completely different product than what we launched”, justifies the boss of Nothing. On the other hand, Pei did not specify the new prices in euros.

Nothing ear (1) at the best price Base price: €99

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Nothing is also preparing the launch of a new model

It should be noted that this increase in the price of Nothing Ear 1 is announced while Carl Pei’s brand is already preparing the launch of a new product: the Nothing Ear Stick.

Nothing has already started to promote this future product by posting photos and videos of it on social networks, while waiting for the launch.

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