The NBA available on Sorare, card auctions begin


It didn’t take long for prices to explode… On Sorare, NBA cards bearing the image of basketball stars are available since this early afternoon on the platform originally intended for fantasy football. A big launch that saw the price of some of the 5,000 LeBron James Limited cards rise to over 4 ETH.

As always, the NFT platform based on the Ethereum blockchain is under attack and prices are expected to come back down. But Sorare is still opening up to a new market. Basketball, after baseball, is a new beginning which could all the more explode the French nugget which claims already 2 million players.

From now on, it is entirely focused on the American market. To reward himself and follow his ambitions, Sorare presented himself as a leader in France in Web3 (focused on blockchain and decentralized finance).

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Sorare Basket NBA NFT

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The 77th NBA season to play on Sorare

Sorare kept his promise. In early September, the $4.3 billion startup announced that “Officially licensed and free-to-play, the game will be available this fall for the 2022-2023 NBA season”. Nicolas Julia, the boss and founder of Sorare, added last month that this new launch would bring “to fans the best sports entertainment experiences by taking on the role of general manager of their own team, thus extending the passion beyond the field”.

The partnership between the NBA and Sorare is historic. The rise of the French nugget is meteoric, when it announced a record raising of 680 million dollars a year ago. During the operation, Sorare welcomed the Japanese giant SoftBank to its capital, as did Atomico. The platform appeals as players don’t just own NFT cards of their favorite stars. They can use them and play in virtual championships, enough to make Sorare a gaming platform and not just a sports betting platform.

Change of rules

For rebalance the game between users, Sorare revised its rules for the launch of basketball with the NBA. Thus, players will no longer be able to create teams with the five best cards of the license. The 77th edition of the American championship can now begin. Namely that the partnership established between Sorare and the NBA will also allow everyone to be able to claim gifts such as tickets for matches as well as “unique experiences”…

Could stars end up becoming ambassadors? In French football, Kylian Mbappe and Antoine Griezmann (as well as Gérard Piqué in Spain) have invested in the platform. Zinédine Zidane also promotes it. If you are interested, you will find below a complete tutorial to understand how the platform works and get started on Sorare.

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