4 things to know about the 4Ever Trophy, the mythical 4L in electric version


The Mondial de l’Auto has just opened its doors in Paris and all this week car manufacturers will be presenting presentations to attract an ever-growing audience. With climate change on everyone’s mind, the Paris Motor Show had to reinvent itself this year and it is betting a lot on electric cars.

Traditional manufacturers know this, they have to find the right compromise between nostalgia and innovation to integrate these new engines that are more respectful of the environment. This is exactly what Renault is doing with its 4Ever Trophy, a 100% electric version of its legendary 4L.

The 4L becomes an SUV

On the occasion of the 25th anniversary of the “4L Trophy”, a humanitarian car race in the Moroccan desert, this new electric version of the 4L bears the name of 4Ever Trophy. Announced at the beginning of October by the manufacturer, the new car was presented from every angle during this Mondial de l’Auto 2022.

From the first glance, the car has an inimitable style. Renault thus takes up the codes of the mythical 4L with its flat bonnet and the rear at a right angle. All while remembering to follow the current codes. As such, the car looks more like a small SUV than a cart like the 4L was in its day.

The 4L will be remarketed

In addition to being a magnificent concept car, the 4Ever Trophy should become a reality on our roads. Renault has indeed confirmed that the car will serve as the basis for the production of a new 100% electric version of the 4L, closer to an SUV.

The car will be “95% similar” to the concept car, the manufacturer assures. He explains that the designers had fun with this show car to make it closer to the world of Rally to which it pays homage. The new 4L should leave the factory in 2025.

A 100% French car

The 4L is a legendary car in France. Produced from the 1960s, it would still leave the factories in the early 1990s. Relaunching production of this car therefore required respecting traditions and resuming work in Renault’s French factories. The manufacturer has also explained that the SUV that will result from this show car will be produced in Maubeuge in the diamond manufacturer’s factory. 100% electric, the car will also be 100% French.

A first for Renault, not really

This is not the first time that Renault has played the nostalgia card by switching one of its legendary cars from thermal to electric. A few months ago the manufacturer presented an electric version of its equally legendary Renault R5.

Here again the idea was not to produce a concept in the living room, but to go as far as the production car release. The new Renault 5 should also leave Renault’s (French) factories in 2024 if the manufacturer does not fall behind by then.

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