Do you dream of a folding iPhone? We have very bad news


When Samsung made its first folding smartphone official in 2019, it was met with some skepticism. Indeed, the first model was very expensive (especially for that time) and we had doubts about the resistance of the foldable screen.

But a few years later, the Korean giant finally manages to seduce the crowds with its Galaxy Z Fold 4 and Galaxy Z Flip 4. In addition to having made efforts on the price, Samsung has continued to strengthen the protection of the device. foldable screen and hinge so that they are more resistant.

Will Apple launch?

Now some Apple fans are wondering if (and when) the brand will launch products with foldable screens. And the good news is that there are elements to believe that the Cupertino company is interested in this technology.

The bad news is that if you want a foldable iPhone, you’ll have to be very (very patient). And you will probably also have to expect an exorbitant price.

In any case, this is what is suggested by an article published recently by CNBC, which relays the predictions of the analysis company CSS Insight. According to these predictions, in two years Apple could first test the waters with a folding iPad. Then, the following year, in 2025, it could finally launch a folding iPhone.

Indeed, according to CSS Insight, the folding iPhone makes no sense for Apple. Moreover, even if it launched this folding iPhone, the price would probably be very high.

“A foldable iPhone will be very risky for Apple. First, it would have to be incredibly expensive so as not to cannibalize existing iPhones”says Ben Wood, head of research at CCS Insight.

We will still have to wait

In order for the folding iPhone not to turn customers away from iPhones with non-folding screens, Apple would have to sell this one at a higher price than the iPhone 14 Pro Max. CSS Insight suggests a price that could be around 2,500 dollars (and probably more in Europe).

However, as this trend gains momentum, Apple will have no choice but to embrace foldable displays to stay competitive. On the other hand, this technology could breathe new life into iPads.

Note that CSS Insight’s predictions are reminiscent of those of other analysts, including Ming Chi Kuo and Ross Young of Display Supply Chain Consultants. For these, the first Apple product with a foldable screen will be released in 2025 (previously, they were betting on 2024).

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What could the folding iPhone look like?

At the moment, the folding iPhone is still a long way off. And we still have no idea of ​​the design that such a product could have.

In the meantime, however, designers are already having fun imagining what an iPhone with a foldable screen might look like. And some concepts are very impressive. For example, in 2020, a creator released a concept inspired by Samsung’s Galaxy Z Flip folding smartphone.

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