Is the new Apple TV 4K worth it?


In addition to its new iPads, Apple presented a new Apple TV 4K in mid-October 2022. Or rather two, the second being distinguished essentially by the integration of an ethernet port. For this third generation marked with the “4K” seal, Apple does not upset its recipe.

A bit smaller, the new version stands out mainly for the integration of a new A15 chip delivering more power (50% for the CPU, 30% in games) while reducing energy consumption (of the order of 30%). The remote control does not change, with the exception of its USB-C port instead of lightning. iPhones therefore remain the only Apple products integrating this proprietary port.

The major change in the new Apple TV 4K is its price. And against all odds, it is revised downwards. The WiFi model is offered at 169 euros, the one with Ethernet port at 189 euros. It’s 30 euros less than the previous generation which offered more than half the storage.

Is this new Apple TV 4K worth it? No, if you already have a “4K” flocked model. Yes if you have an earlier model or have never had an Apple TV.

Because if there is a product that is largely underrated at Apple, it is its TV box. Owner of the second generation of Apple TV 4K (and earlier versions in the past), and having tested dozens of other TV boxes, I assure you that the TV experience with an Apple TV has no equal to date.

Apple TV 4K (3rd generation) 64 GB at the best price
Base price: €169

Apple TV 4K (3rd generation) 128 GB at the best price
Base price: €189

One year with the Apple TV 4K: my feedback

Before getting to the heart of the matter, I remind you that this is a feedback, so the lines that follow are completely subjective. This is a personal opinion, with the point of view of a user, not a journalist. Your opinions on your experience (with Apple TV or another box) are therefore welcome in the comments (in joy and good humor of course).

Why Apple TV 4K?

apple tv 4k review 2021

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Like any French consumer, I started my TV experience with operator boxes. While some (like Free) offer well-designed interfaces, I often felt cramped, especially since I very rarely watch television, preferring to turn to streaming platforms.

So I turned to alternative TV boxes, first Google Chromecast then other boxes like Xiaomi’s Mi Box. Cheap models that have proven too slow over time.

So I decided to get my hands on the wallet. After all, I’m a big movie buff, so might as well have fun. I was able to use excellent Android boxes like the Nvidia Shield. As far as I can remember, I have never been disappointed with the experience.

But since I use a lot of Apple devices, I turned to Apple TV. I had the opportunity to use one several years ago limited to Full HD definition and an obsolete version of tvOS. In comparison the Nvidia Shield was much more comfortable.

So I turned to the Apple TV 4K, just to match my Android box. And to know which of the two would sit next to my 4K TV. And I was not disappointed.

The interface, the great strength of Apple TV

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Technically, the Apple TV 4K does nothing more than another high-end box. The image provided is of excellent quality and meets the standards: 4K, HDR, Dolby Atmos and Dolby Vision.

What sets Apple TV apart from other boxes is its interface. A bit like an iPhone, everything is designed to make the experience as simple and intuitive as possible. Each element is in its place, the customization possibilities exist (even if they remain less compared to an Android box).

Above all, with the latest versions of tvOS, Apple is giving pride of place to content. Thus, the homepage brings together all the films and all the series available on the platforms to which you are subscribed. We see at a glance the content that interests us. The air of nothing, it also allows not to spend hours looking for what we are going to watch.

Apple obliges, the films and series of its Apple TV + service are highlighted. But against all odds, the American does not highlight them more than those of its competitors. If you want to access Apple TV+, a specific tab is available.

Apart from this home page which serves as the nerve center to access all your services, navigation knows no equal. You’ve no doubt heard of the fluidity of the animations of the iPhone, and well the Apple TV inherits this quality.

Thus, navigating the interface is much smoother than with any other Android box, even the neatest on the market. In reality, it is difficult to transcribe this feeling in a few lines, the best way to understand is still to try it.

Siri Remote 3 at the best price
Base price: €69

With other Apple products, it’s even better

apple tv 4k 2021 siri remote review

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As part of my work, I use many Apple products daily (Macbook, iPad Pro, iPhone, AirPod, HomePod). “What does it have to do with Apple TV?” you will say. Well like all of the brand’s products, it can partner with others to enhance the experience.

Thus, you can enjoy a spatialized sound by associating it with HomePod mini. By putting on AirPod headphones, you can also enjoy spatial audio without disturbing your loved ones (if your partner has fallen asleep on the sofa, for example). Apple TV automatically detects the headphones, just press a button and they pair in a second.

Lost your remote? The iPhone can replace it. It turns into a touchpad to navigate the menus. You have identifiers and passwords to enter, you can type them with a full keyboard from the iPhone.

Everything is designed to make use fluid and efficient. Apple TV is just the host of your content. She welcomes them, highlights them and only lets you think of them. No technique, no configuration, simplicity above all and with all your devices.

Apple TV 4K (3rd generation) 64 GB at the best price
Base price: €169

Apple TV 4K (3rd generation) 128 GB at the best price
Base price: €189

So, is the new Apple TV 4K worth it?

If I had to recommend only one TV box today, it would be the Apple TV 4K. I have the second generation one and wouldn’t change it for the world. So, yes, the new version does not change much except that it may last a few more years. But by the time the previous generation is obsolete, other models will have emerged.

If you already have an Apple TV 4K, there’s no point in changing it. If you have an older model, you can go there with your eyes closed. If you don’t have Apple TV, then I highly recommend it, even more so if you have other Apple products.

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