Netflix confirms that account sharing becomes paid from January 1


Last March, a study by a financial analyst at Citi Global Market estimated that account sharing was costing Netflix an abysmal net loss of $6.2 billion a year. The sum is enormous, but it is only part of the hemorrhage of capital hitting the platform. Citi Group estimates cumulative losses for 2020 at $25 billion, and even then only taking the US market into account.

Indeed, the emergence of increasingly aggressive competition, particularly from Disney+, Prime Video or more recently in France from Paramount+ and Universal+, threatens Netflix’s economic model in the long term. That’s why the Reed Hastings platform is starting to take drastic steps to turn the tide. This includes, for example, the launch of a cheaper ad-supported subscription, to allow the most price-sensitive customer segment to remain subscribed.

Netflix will make account sharing pay well from 2023

The firm also plans to support account sharing, to better combat its effects on Netflix’s finances. This happens, for example, through the transfer of profiles which becomes possible to a shared account. But also thanks to a new supplement of a few euros per month from January 1, 2023 if you indulge in account sharing without living under the same roof. The current rules indeed allow the sharing of accounts but only for people who live in the same household.

Temporarily using Netflix outside the latter remains possible without too many constraints, for two weeks. Beyond that, you must again confirm your devices with the account owner. But that obviously does not prevent the phenomenon from continuing. With even sites like which specialize in simplifying the sharing of this type of account. Obviously those who share accounts can use Netflix without paying a single penny to the platform.

But from January, users who share the same account away from the owner’s home will have to pay the famous supplement. The exact amount is not yet known. All that is known is that ongoing tests in several Latin American countries suggest that the supplement will cost a quarter of the price of the Netflix Standard or Premium subscription.

For the time being, however, Netflix France has yet to confirm the arrival of these changes in France and probably in the rest of the Member States of the European Union.

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