Netflix wants to succeed where Google failed


The giant Netflix has just announced its latest results, with an increase in subscribers of around 2.4 million, enough to allow the platform to claim a total of 223 million customers worldwide. According to Netflix, this increase is due to the content offered by the service, and the group expects many new customers, who will undeniably be attracted (according to Netflix) by the new subscription at 5.99 euros/month, integrating an advertising system. But Netflix also wants to stand out in another area: video games.

Netflix interested in cloud gaming

Indeed, Netflix has been allowing you to play a slew of video games on iOS and Android for a few long months now. However, as Mike Verdu, in charge of the gaming division at Netflix, says, the company wants to go further, and announces that it is exploring a new cloud gaming offer, so as to also reach subscribers who take advantage of the platform on their Smart. TV and their PC.

Even though Google Stadia has just officially announced its closure, Netflix says it wants to start “modestly, showing humility“. The group already has more than 30 games available, and explains that it has no less than 55 new titles currently under development. For Netflix, the ambition is now to take its gaming offer to the next level.

Thus, in addition to more advanced games, Netflix is ​​also counting on cloud gaming to reach as many customers as possible. The American giant also sees it as an excellent opportunity to cross content, taking as an example the animated series Cyberpunk: Edgerunners, which allowed the video game CyberPunk 2077 to experience a real renaissance.

Mike Verdu also returns to the failure of Google Stadia, and believes that if the technology was perfect, it was the ecosystem itself that posed a problem, with an unsuitable business model. Netflix recalls in passing the creation of a new in-house studio based in California, and directed by Chacko Sonny, from Blizzard Entertainment.

For Netflix, cloud gaming (just like the current gaming offer) would thus come to be placed as a “added value” to its business model. No additional subscription will be required, and everything will flow directly from the current Netflix platform, which, according to Mike Verdu, “will become an all-natural way to play video games“, wherever you are. To be continued.

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