This mysterious Lenovo PC is straight from the future


While folding smartphones are beginning to seduce the crowds, thanks to Samsung’s models, a few companies are already interested in another technology: rollable or extendable screens. Some smartphone concepts using this technology have already been presented in recent years.

But foldable screens and rollable screens won’t be just for smartphones. As early as 2020, Lenovo unveiled its first foldable screen PC, the ThinkPad X1 Fold. And it should also, later, launch laptops with rollable screens.

In the meantime, the company is making our mouths water by presenting us with concepts that could soon become commercial products.

Lenovo presents the laptop of the future

In a video promoting the Tech World 2022 event, Lenovo’s Smart Devices Group, Luca Rossi, showcases the company’s new concepts.

The video begins with a reminder of the innovations brought by the brand to the market, such as the first convertible laptops with a 360 degree angle. Then, the video evokes the company’s latest products, such as the Motorola Razr folding smartphone or folding PCs.

And, towards the end of the video, Luca Rossi reveals the new concepts. For smartphones, this presents a potential successor to the Motorola Razr, with a rollable screen that automatically changes dimensions, instead of the foldable screen. Then, he unveils a new futuristic PC, which also uses a rollable screen.

The laptop presented by Lenovo has a screen whose screen can unfold vertically, in order to give more work surface to the user. And while classic laptops have landscape-oriented screens, once unrolled, this one adopts a portrait format.

At first glance, this screen may seem strange, as the industry has accustomed us to landscape orientation screens for years. But, once on the market, this PC whose screen unfolds could appeal to mobile workers. Indeed, if you cannot carry a second screen, you can unroll the laptop screen to double the size. All while keeping the compact format of laptops.

Unfortunately, at the moment it is only a concept. And not much is known about the future commercial product (date, price, etc.).

Samsung is waiting for that!

In any case, the new form factors based on rollable screens are coming. And Samsung, one of the leading manufacturers of OLED screens, is waiting for that.

Moreover, the subsidiary of the Korean company, Samsung Display, intervened at Intel’s Innovation 2022 conference to present a prototype of a sliding screen PC. More exactly, it was a 13-inch screen which, when rolled out, turns into a 17-inch screen.

But the prototype presented by Samsung rather targeted 2-in-1 type PCs with a tablet format. Lenovo, on the other hand, wants to modernize old-fashioned laptops by using rollable screens.

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