What is attrition, which hurts Amazon?


It’s an explosive revelation that Amazon would surely have done without. Engadget has got its hands on an internal study which reveals that the e-commerce giant is facing a very worrying departure rate from its employees, qualified as “attrition”.

New employees leave Amazon very quickly

The total cost for the finances of the firm of Jeff Bezos is colossal: 8 billion dollars per year. A figure to put in perspective with the 33 billion dollars of profits made last year.

These documents detail the great difficulties of the Tech giant to retain its employees. Amazon is thus singled out for its inability to put in place a training and promotion policy for employees that could convince them to stay on board.

Among the figures cited by our colleagues, one of them is particularly striking. Thereby, ” only one in three new hires in 2021 will stay with the company for 90 days or more “. Similarly, and according to previously revealed information about the company, Amazon may have exhausted the workforce available in the United States within a few years in certain metropolitan areas.

The malaise of Amazon managers

If the working conditions in the warehouses are regularly pointed out, the report also returns to a lesser known fact. A certain discomfort would indeed be felt on the side of the managers of the company.

Thus, the prospects for internal promotion are a little too limited. Management preferring to rely on profiles of young graduates rather than employees who have climbed the ladder from the warehouses.

Some also choose to leave Amazon in a search for more personal meaning. We recently spoke to you about this executive who joined a startup committed to the fight against climate change, and who is delighted with his choice.

Heavily challenged, Amazon decided to respond through a spokesperson. He explains thus: As a company, we recognize that it is our employees who contribute to our success on a daily basis and that is why we are always evaluating how we can improve. »

He adds : ” Attrition is something all employers face, but we want to do everything we can to make Amazon an employer of choice. We achieve this by providing a good salary, comprehensive benefits, a safe workplace, and solid, efficient and constantly improving training and education opportunities. »

Be that as it may, this report once again damages Amazon’s image. The tech giant is sometimes criticized for the lack of security in warehouses. Last July, the US Department of Labor and federal prosecutors in New York launched an investigation into the case.

Specifically, the New York Attorney’s Office said it wanted to investigate workplace safety and ” injuries resulting from workplace hazards, the pace of work, and whether Amazon has appropriately reported injuries that occurred in this space “.

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