Which electrical appliances in your daily life consume the most energy?


The authorities have warned: we will have to change our habits. Even more so if the winter is harsh. As the energy crisis affects all countries in Europe, the government is asking us to adapt. Reducing the heating temperature, unplugging electronic devices, favoring off-peak hours, all methods are good for reducing energy consumption, especially electricity.

But in this flood of recommendations, it is difficult to know which are the most effective. For example, unplugging chargers from outlets when not in use will have minimal impact on consumption, bills and the environment.

To see more clearly, a study by Ademe (Ecological Transition Agency), published in July 2022 and relayed by BFM TV, reveals which electronic devices consume the most.

Kitchen and living room, watch out!

Without surprise, heating (provided it is electric) is the biggest consumer of electricity. In the house, we reach an annual consumption of 4312 kWh or 750 euros per year (based on a price per kWh of 0.1740 euro). And that’s without counting the hot water tank which consumes 1676 kWh each year, or 292 euros. Also, lowering the thermostat by one or two degrees or taking shorter showers are daily gestures that can make a difference.

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Outside this pole, these are mainly appliances in the kitchen and living room who are the biggest consumers of electricity. A combined refrigerator (necessarily connected 24 hours a day) consumes 346 kWh per year or 60 euros. The oven consumes 146 kWh per year (25 euros). More surprisingly, the TV in your living room consumes 1878 kWh per year (33 euros) assuming 6h46 of viewing per day, which is enormous.

One of the most greedy appliances is the clothes dryer. With a consumption of 301 kWh per year (52 euros) it consumes twice as much energy as 31 lights on for 200 hours per year.

If you telecommute, rest assured, your computer equipment consumes little electricity. A fixed PC on nearly 4 hours a day consumes 123 kWh per year (21 euros), a laptop PC 22 kWh per year. Game consoles consume an average of 103 kWh per year, but there are great disparities depending on the model. The more virtuous the Nintendo Switch OLED, the more greedy the Xbox Series X.

electrical appliances conso euros

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Of course, these figures are a national average and do not necessarily reflect your personal use. If you don’t have children, for example, your use of the dryer is much less frequent than that of a family of four children. On the other hand, if you have four children, you are supposed to have less time to turn on your console. What a life !

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