Google News Showcase gives you free access to paid articles


Media funding has been a source of tension between major online platforms, including Google, and the press, around the world. But today, relations between the search engine and the press are warmer. Agreements have been signed and today, Google is even launching a new product in collaboration with the French press: Google News Showcase.

New information panels will appear on Google News

Announced in 2020, Google News Showcase is finally available in France. These are new news panels that will appear on Google News (iOS, Android, and web), as well as Google Discover. These panels allow participating media to have more control over the appearance of their content on Google News, while being paid by Google.

Google News Showcase


“Google News Showcase gives these news outlets more options to deliver the news and direct their readers to the full stories on their websites. They can thus strengthen the links with their audiences while having more direct control over their presentation and their brand image”specifies Google France on this subject.

For the French version of Showcase, Google has signed with 65 publishers, who represent more than 130 publications. This includes the national, regional and local press. 20 minutes, L’Equipe, l’Express, Le Figaro, Le Monde and Le Parisien are on the list of Google News Showcase partners.

Google, new friend of the press?

According to information from Le Figaro, these media have signed for a period of three years. And the remuneration depends on criteria such as the number of panels published per day by the publication, or the audience.

Globally, more than 1,800 publications, in 20 countries, have signed up with Showcase since the product debuted in October 2020. Other countries include Spain, the UK , as well as Germany.

To access these panels, all you have to do is scroll as you usually do. Alternatively, you can also go directly to Google’s new Showcase tab, available at

Google News Showcase

Screenshot from Google News Showcase. ©Google

Paid items become free

The agreement between Google and the publications also includes free access to certain paid articles, by Internet users who use Showcase. Google does not specify paid article ratios. But confirms that it also remunerates participating media through licensing agreements to break paywalls on “a limited amount of paid content”.

On an article I opened via Google News Showcase, I saw a note, at the top of the page, indicating that the content is “offered” in partnership with Google, while inviting to subscribe.

A system that aims to generate more subscriptions

Besides the fact that this free access to paid content could attract more visitors to Google News, the idea is also that after reading this premium content, Internet users choose to subscribe to the media’s paid offers.

On this subject, Diane Lemoine, deputy general manager of the L’Express group, explains: “Google News Showcase is an additional and vital channel to help educate the public about media and get this good news out to as many people as possible. In addition, I am convinced that the product will bring new visibility to our content, by reaching a more diverse audience, by contributing to discovering L’Express and bringing this new readership to subscription. »

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