With this 100 GB mobile plan, Bouygues Telecom will make you fall in love (for sure)


This week, Bouygues Telecom is stepping up its efforts to offer value-for-money packages worthy of the name. If you want to pay less, take advantage of a network recognized for its speed and quality and benefit from a substantial envelope of gigabytes, B&You packages are made for you. From 200 MB to 200 GB, the mobile operator has the package that suits you. But of the three formulas, it is the 100 GB offer at less than 16 euros per month that everyone agrees on.

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100 GB at €15.99: the star of the day at B&You

Of all the B&You subscriptions, the 100 GB package at 15.99 euros per month is among the most interesting. The gigs / price ratio is very relevant, making this offer one of the best on the market. Thus, you will be able to optimize this necessary and important item of expenditure.

For 15.99 euros per month, B&You invites you to take advantage of 100 GB of mobile data in France, 20 GB of which can be used in Europe and the overseas departments, and unlimited calls, SMS and MMS. For a contained price, Bouygues Telecom hands you a substantial envelope of gigas. It is suitable for the majority of users, as long as they have a “classic” use. 100 GB is enough to make video calls, watch a few episodes of your favorite series, browse social networks, check your emails or listen to your beloved playlists non-stop. You don’t have to worry about falling strandedyou will have to be able to do everything without limiting yourself.

One of the main advantages of B&You packages is that they are without engagement. Nothing holds you back, nothing forces you to stay with the operator if you are not satisfied. But Bouygues Telecom takes care of its service and its network so that you have no reason to leave.

B&You packages for everyone

If you need more mobile data, or prefer a smaller package, B&You has the offer you need. Whatever your profile or your use of data. In all cases, Bouygues Telecom systematically includes unlimited calls, SMS and MMS. Moreover, remember that all B&You packages are non-binding.

For users who need a larger volume of mobile data, the B&You 200 GB package at 19.99 euros per month is ideal. It includes 200 GB of mobile data in France, of which 25 GB can be used in Europe and the overseas departments. It’s perfect if you regularly and intensively use connection sharing or often download heavy videos. However, this offer concerns consumers who have a very specific and very intensive use of their mobile data.

If you are looking for a package at a really low price, B&You offers its 200 MB offer at 4.99 euros per month. This is a perfect plan if you use almost no mobile data and prefer to use WiFi. 200MB is an envelope that can go away in minutes if you’re not careful. This 200 MB plan is especially suitable for people who consider their smartphone as a tool for calling or texting or for those looking for a secondary subscription.

Note that these plans only use Bouygues Telecom’s 3G and 4G networks. If you want to pick up speed, it is in your best interest to turn to the B&You 5G 130 GB package at 24.99 euros per month. It includes 130 GB of internet in 5G or 4G, of which 20 GB can be used in the European Union and the overseas departments, and always unlimited calls, SMS and MMS.

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Why choose B&You?

Since B&You offers non-binding plans, customers can leave the mobile operator very easily. To avoid a leak of users, B&You is forced to take care of the quality and speed of its network. Thus, you are guaranteed to benefit from a network that is up to the task. Moreover, ARCEP has positioned Bouygues Telecom second in its ranking of the best mobile networks in France for many years. Everything is taken into account to make this classification: quality, speed, coverage… This should reassure you.

In return for a non-binding package at a low price, as is the case with B&You, you must manage everything yourself from the mobile application or the dedicated website. You can thus manage your consumption or modulate your plan as you wish. Available exclusively online, a few clicks (and minutes) are enough to subscribe to the best B&You mobile offer.

Finally you can keep your current phone number for free. To do this, simply call 3179 to retrieve your RIO number. All you have to do is communicate this number to Bouygues Telecom when you subscribe to your new mobile plan. Your number is automatically transferred to Bouygues Telecom while your current subscription is terminated at no additional cost.

To discover all the B&You packages at low prices, it’s here:

See B&You packages

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