what still holds back the French?


30% of French people are considering buying an electric car. This is the result of an Odoxa survey conducted by the firms Kea & Partners and Mascaret for the newspaper Stratégies, BFM Business and the Usine Digitale. In the midst of a gasoline shortage, and while the issue of climate change is increasingly being addressed in public debate, the French seem ready to go electric.

French people still hesitant about the electric car

However, there are still obstacles to the electric car being adopted by as many people as possible. In this same survey, we learn that 72% of respondents cite cost as a limit. And it is true that even with state aid, the latter remain quite high. The lack of autonomy is mentioned by 53% of respondents, while there are not enough charging stations, according to 37% of French people cited in this survey.

This survey remains fairly close to the results obtained in a previous study conducted last year by the IFOP Institute. Respondents explained what inspired them about the electric car. The first idea mentioned will not surprise us, since 60% cited the word “expensive”. Low range was also cited, while respondents said switching to electric could be justified due to rising fuel prices.

It is interesting to note that the French are not the only ones to consider electric cars too expensive. As part of a global study, Deloitte made the same observation with respondents. Many told experts at the time that they were worried about the potential increase in the cost of electricity and the lack of public charging infrastructure.

Note that the recent survey conducted by Odoxa also provides us with some interesting information. Thus, hybrid cars are even more popular than electric ones, and 54% of respondents plan to buy one of these models.

Another lesson, the thermal car is no longer popular at all, and only 12% of respondents say they are “attached”. Similarly, we can see that the desire to buy an electric car varies a lot according to socio-professional category. It is all the stronger among technology professionals, 45% of whom want to take the plunge. The latter are often more urban and affluent than average.

Finally, 22% of French people questioned are even ready to stop owning a car and thus to use softer modes of transport such as cycling.

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