When Google mocks Apple… from an iPhone!


For a few years now, we have been witnessing various advertising battles, often with a nice dose of humour, between different multinationals. There was a time when the battle raged between Pepsi and Coke, but in recent years, it is Apple that has often been mocked by the competition, by the giant Microsoft, but also very often by Samsung, with in particular a recent Z Flip 4 advertisement. very well done. More recently, it was the web ogre Google who also wanted to pay Apple via Twitter, but not everything really went as planned…

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When Google mocks Apple, and fails…

A few days ago, Google formalized its new Pixel 7 range, with smartphones that have seduced critics and the public alike, unlike an iPhone 14 generation that somewhat disappointed its audience. What galvanize the Google teams, who wanted to interfere in the mentions of Tim Cook, but not without a certain awkwardness…

Indeed, very recently, the CEO of Apple shared a video, accompanied by the hashtag #TakeNote. An expression used for a long time now by the Utah Jazz in the NBA, and whose recovery by Tim Cook startled some basketball enthusiasts in the United States. In an excess of confidence, the official Google Pixel account wanted to interfere in the conversation, in order to highlight Google smartphones. The problem is that the tweet was sent… from an iPhone.

Of course, Google teams very quickly deleted the tweet, before reposting it via Twitter Web App this time. However, many users have noticed this clumsiness, noting in particular that “even Google teams prefer to use an iPhone rather than a Pixel smartphone“.

In the past, many brands have been victims of such mishaps, especially on Twitter. On the Google side, this is not the first time that the iPhone has been mocked to highlight the Pixel house smartphone, since the web giant did not hesitate to troll the Cupertino company during the launch. of the Pixel 3.

A little clumsiness that Google did not necessarily need, just like the little tackle to Apple in reality, as its new smartphones are full of quality, in particular the Pixel 7 Pro which “knocks out Apple” in our full test.


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