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Many service stations have been experiencing a shortage of gasoline for several weeks. The situation is indeed particularly tense in certain regions, particularly in the Hauts de France. Olivier Véran explains on BFMTV that 12% of service stations in the territory “encounter difficulties with at least one type of fuel” – a proportion that reaches up to 30% in the northern part of the country. But apparently the situation is slowly improving.

Wednesday evening, the organizations of TotalEnergies in the North and Bouches-du-Rhône announced the suspension of their strike movement. To date, only two large depots and a refinery have been shut down, which allows the supply of service stations to resume. However, we will have to wait a few more days to hope for a return to normal. Especially since strikes are not the only reason for supply disruptions.

Use the official government map to find an open station

Government fuel card

© Fuel-prices.gouv.fr

In the border regions, in particular Hauts-de-France, service stations are stormed by motorists living on the other side. The reason is the energy shield, with the famous subsidy of 30 cents per liter of fuel which makes the price of gasoline more attractive in France.

Finding open petrol stations offering the fuel compatible with your vehicle can still be very difficult. Fortunately, there are several tools to find an open station near you. The first reflex is to consult the map updated in real time by the government by clicking here.

Consult the gas stations on Gaspal


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More practical than the government map, Gaspal is an iPhone and Android application that also offers a map of open service stations updated in real time. The application allows you to specifically select the stations offering the fuel (SP95, SP98, diesel, etc.) compatible with your vehicle.

Gaspal also allows you to compare fuel prices between stations in order to find the cheapest gas station near you. The application works in France, but also in Spain and Italy.


Use Diesel Now

diesel now

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Another very useful application: Gasoil Now. The concept is basically the same as Gaspal. Contrary to what the name of the Gasoil Now application seems to indicate, it allows you to find and compare the prices of all fuels. We can thus compare prices on a map, or via a list. Just touch an entry to start GPS navigation with your favorite app.

The added bonus of Gasoil Now for finding stations that still have gas is that the app pulls its data from both the official government map and community reports. This reduces the risk of going for nothing to a gas station that has run out of fuel.

Diesel Now
Diesel Now


Also try Essence & Co


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Essence&CO is a 100% made in France alternative. Here again it is a question of comparing the fuels and in passing consult the list of open stations and those which are closed. The application benefits from a rather neat design, and well-thought-out functionalities such as search by criteria. In addition, this application makes it easy to find service stations that offer AdBlue, the additive needed in some diesel vehicles to make them less polluting.

Essence&CO updates its database several times a day with official data but also with the assistance of the community, which can indicate whether a point is open or not, and thus help other motorists to find an open station in real time – to ignore of this gasoline shortage.


By: Ripple Motion

A check for €100 also arrives to encourage you to carpool

Note in passing that these difficulties are temporary, and that the situation could quickly improve. However, the energy crisis prevents us from saying with certainty that the number of out-of-stock stations will be reduced in the coming weeks. This is why the government is implementing an additional measure.

From January 1, 2023, if you register on a carpooling site like BlaBlaCar, the government offers you a check for €100 which can finance your first journeys.

Conclusion: what is the best solution to find an open gas station?

To find the best open gas station as easily as possible, we recommend that you download these three applications which can display slightly different data depending on the area you are in – enough to save you some unnecessary journeys. At the same time, always also consult the official government map.

If a service station is presented as closed it is probably that it is at this very moment. Note, however, that applications that use the crowd-sourcing to check whether stations are open or closed presents data that may be unreliable in low-density areas.

But they also have an advantage on the government map: their “real time” aspect based on user feedback. And you, what is your favorite application to find open gas stations? Share your feedback in the comments.

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