With their jetpacks, they save lives in the mountains


It is an impressive experience to say the least that was carried out in England. A paramedic equipped with a jetpack intervened in the middle of the mountains and in difficult weather conditions.

Jetpacks for rescue

In detail, rescuer Jamie Walsh therefore used this technology in Cumbria, a mountainous area located about 352 km from London. After a week of training, he used a jetpack developed by the British company Gravity Industries to cross an area that was difficult to access in bad weather.

We can see this operation through the impressive images offered by the Reuters agency. Why not give ideas to other rescue services around the world.

The paramedic explained in particular that “ getting over a ridge line is sometimes a little difficult, but actually if you expect it, it’s very stable equipment and you can counter, maneuver and handle it safely “.

The jetpack offered by Gravity Industries is a real gem of technology. Printed in 3D, it has two small motors on each arm, and a third at the back. It can reach up to 135 km/h and can fly at an altitude of 3600 meters.

Present during this test, the CEO of Gravity Industries, specified: “ Paramedical intervention consists of getting to the patient in critical condition very quickly, a bit like a rescuer on a motorbike. You don’t take him to the hospital, you stand by his side to sort out the blood loss, a respiratory problem, manage the pain and triage the patient. »

He adds full of confidence: Our ability to traverse any terrain, in almost any weather condition, and get to the side of the victim, often faster than a helicopter or on foot, has proven invaluable. »

The British army equips its soldiers with jetpacks

In fact, the ambitions of Gravity Industries do not stop at the field of relief. We were talking to you in particular last week about this prototype jetpack created by the company which is currently being tested by the British army.

This flying machine, equipped with five engines, should allow troops to stealthily approach a target on suspicious ships. In a press release, the startup said more about this device: “ The aim is to provide extremely quick access to any part of the target ship, instantly freeing hands to carry a weapon, and while retaining the ability to move onto the target or self-exfiltrate “.

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