75% of employees risk being fired by Elon Musk


Twitter employees have reason to be concerned. While Elon Musk is about to get his hands on the social network, he is preparing to lay off nearly 75% of the workforce, according to information obtained by the washington post from investors. Concretely, this means that there would remain only 2000 employees to manage the platform against 7500 currently.

Elon Musk’s project worries Twitter employees

This change would be far from trivial according to Edwin Chen, a data scientist interviewed by our colleagues. Twitter users will immediately feel the effects and could in particular be exposed to hacking risks and mass offensive content. The threats of technical failure are indeed quite numerous and with such a small workforce, the remaining employees would find it very difficult to manage the situation.

As one can imagine, this information had the effect of a blow internally. Sean Edgett, Twitter’s lead attorney, sent a note to employees. Wanting to be reassuring, he explains to them that “ cost savings talks put on hold until merger deal is signed “.

However, employees remain very worried, and on the Slack chat room, many oscillate between anger and resignation, while others try to keep their spirits up by being ironic about the situation.

In his discussions with investors, Elon Musk reportedly explained that these drastic staff cuts are only a first step in Twitter’s recovery strategy. He then wants to recruit more efficient staff and focus on profitable features.

In particular, he is thinking of a new subscription service that allows people to subscribe to a personality they want to follow exclusively. However, it is doubtful that this strategy will work. And according to our colleagues, the expected gains from such a formula could prove to be quite small.

Elon Musk has also mentioned his intention to transform Twitter into “X”, the application “for everything”. The Tesla boss is actually inspired by Tencent’s WeChat Chinese platform, and he would like to offer a similar formula in Europe and the United States.

In addition to being a social network, it notably offers payment services but also certain features that Internet users can use in their daily lives: ordering food, calling a taxi, etc.

It remains to be seen whether this redundancy project is serious. If this were the case, we could be worried about the future of Twitter, which would have even more difficulty than today in moderating content and fighting against scams.

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