Fan of animation? Here are 3 reasons to see Final Space on Netflix


rick and morty, bojack horseman, Archer, The Simpsons… If you like animation, there are many series to devour on the various streaming platforms. There are so many that you may even have missed one of them: FinalSpace. On paper, this animated series does not revolutionize the genre. Another intergalactic adventure as we have seen so many. However, FinalSpace worth the detour. If you don’t yet know what to watch this weekend, here are some (very) good reasons to throw yourself into the work of Olan Rogers without delay.

1) Because Final Space will soon disappear

A major argument to launch you into the intensive viewing of FinalSpace ? It’s good that the hours of the animated series are numbered. Tick ​​tock… Indeed, Warner Bros. signed his death warrant a few weeks ago. Worse than being canceled after three seasons, which saddened us already last year, FinalSpace will soon be wiped off the map. Blame it on a story of money and other tax deductions.

Thus, the 36 episodes of FinalSpace will soon go up in smoke and can never be broadcast on an SVOD again. Unless you had the foresight to buy the physical versions of the first two seasons, the animated series is saying goodbye. And even so, Warner Bros. never released the physical version of season 3. Then, who still buys DVDs? This inevitably brings us back to the concerns of SVOD and their possibility of modifying everything at their sources (or deleting, in this case).

Thus, very soon, only our memories (and illegal streaming sites) will remember the work of Olan Rogers. Which is all the more frustrating when you know that FinalSpace is an animation gem. The series is still available on Netflix and should, it seems, stay hot there… Until the end of the agreement between the platform and Warner Bros. To believe What’s On Netflix, that leaves you until December 2023. But we are never safe from a bad surprise. Take advantage while there is still time!

2) Because it’s deeper than it looks

Beneath his schoolboy humor, which works well, FinalSpace go further. If we thought we had made the rounds of science fiction animation series, the work of Olan Rogers brings a breath of fresh air to our screens. We follow the adventures of Gary Goodspeed, clumsy but endearing in spite of himself. After trying to impress Quinn, a member of the Infinity Guard, Gary finds himself imprisoned aboard a ship called the Galaxy One. After five long years with no company other than robots (including a particularly annoying one), Gary comes across a strange and adorable creature he calls Mooncake. An alien that contains a frightening power and that the terrible Lord Commander wants to recover to annihilate the galaxy. Fortunately, Gary and Mooncake can count on funny companions to defeat Evil and save the universe. So much for the basic synopsis. On paper, it’s pretty standard. But in execution…

Taken from Final Space


Without saying too much, Final Space masters the right balance between lightness and gravity. We go from humor to very strong emotions that we did not expect. However, the tone is set from the first minutes. Indeed, the series opens with Gary adrift in space, alone, minutes from certain death. Each episode tells us how our hero despite himself was able to get there. What make us chain the episodes, especially as they follow each other. It is out of the question to dig here or there as one can do with other other animation series. Final Space is positioned as a veritable roller coaster of emotions, oscillating between laughter and tears, with a suspense that takes us to the guts and many twists and turns.

3) Because we love its gallery of endearing characters

With Gary at the head of the thread, the characters of FinalSpace all have a little something that charms us. Well, maybe not Kevin… Whether it’s HUE, the artificial intelligence of the Galaxy One as funny as it is pragmatic, Quinn who hides behind his badass shell, the stoic Avocato or even the hilarious Tribore, they are all touching in their own way. Without forgetting the adorable Mooncake and its “Chookity” which punctuate the series, of course.

Cherry on the cake ? The voice actors did a great job. At least according to my ears, after watching the series in VOSTFR. All this adds depth to these colorful characters to which we quickly become attached. On the VF side, only Baptiste Lecaplain doubles Gary in all three seasons. The other characters are voiced by other actors after season 1.

Fans of animation, and science fiction, have every reason to rush to FinalSpace. You can be sure that the 36 20-minute episodes will brighten up your next evenings. Animation, script, soundtrack… It would be a shame to miss out on this nugget. It’s available on Netflix for a while yet so enjoy!

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