Martin Scorsese atomizes Hollywood and his “repulsive vision” of cinema


He’s known for not having his tongue in his pocket, and at 79, that’s not about to change. Martin Scorsese has again just thrown a stone into the pond at the New York Film Festival. He recently went to this event to present his documentary on the group New York Dolls.

“The focus always on numbers is quite disgusting”

The filmmaker, who over time has become a legend of the seventh art, took the opportunity to denounce the excesses of Hollywood for forty years. He explains thus:

Since the 1980s, the focus has been on numbers. It’s quite repulsive. The cost of a film is one thing. If we understand that a film costs a certain sum, we expect to recover at least this sum, and even more. The focus now is on numbers, cost, opening weekend, how much it made in the US, how much it made in England, how much it made in Asia, how much it made in the world, how many spectators it had.

He adds : ” As a filmmaker, and as someone who can’t imagine life without cinema, I’ve always found that very insulting. I’ve always known such considerations had no place at the New York Film Festival, and this is the bottom line: There’s no price here. You don’t need to compete. Just love the cinema here “.

Of course, it’s a safe bet that major studio shareholders won’t agree with his point of view. But the criteria are not the same, and we understand that the director of Taxi Driver is placed in an artistic and not mercantile logic.

Moreover, this is not the first time that Martin Scorsese has expressed himself in a very cash way on the seventh art. For him, Marvel films are “amusement parks” and not cinema. Words which, as we can imagine, did not please the spectators who appreciate these feature films, nor the staff who gave a lot to these productions, and who deserve more respect.

But the director fully assumes his vision even if he admits that it is a question of taste and personal temperament. It is also a safe bet that he did not really take the time to watch the MCU films before deciding.

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