Marvel vs. DC Clash Is Stupid According to ‘The Rock’


This time, it’s done. After long weeks of waiting, the new DC film, black adam came out in the cinema. His task is to revive the somewhat faltering Warner Bros. (DCEU) cinematic universe. For this, the studio relies on a profusion of spectacular scenes and on a very popular actor in Hollywood, Dwayne Johnson.

DC Shouldn’t Chase After Marvel

As you can imagine, the latter has not been idle in recent weeks and he has toured the media to promote this feature film. During these interviews, the existing rivalry between Marvel and DC was discussed.

Asked by the Associated Press, “The Rock” did not hesitate:

Are we going to hurt Marvel? The answer is unequivocally no. Because for me, we are building the DC universe, ushering in a new era of the DCEU (…) It is not our goal to take market share from Marvel. What they have done is amazing. What Kevin Feige has done is amazing.

And Dwayne Johnson added that Marvel Studios has been essential to the film industry for decades, and that DC does not ” don’t wanna be marvel “. ” Besides, I love these guys. They are all friends “, he concludes.

His words have the merit of being clear. Moreover, “The Rock” had even suggested this summer that instead of confronting each other, the Marvel and DC franchises “ should, in my mind, meet one day “.

Finally the star of Fast and Furious also explained what he wanted to do to revive the DC Extended Universe: The point is to really expand the universe, and introduce new characters, and do spin-offs, and be really strategic about the plan. We have some ideas about which characters people will really enjoy in Black Adam, and so we’re already thinking about the future. »

Hiram Garcia, the producer of Black Adam, had followed suit, saying: ” Even though Black Adam and Shazam don’t cross paths, it all exists as part of the DC Universe. And we want to be able to build the universe as big as possible, and, you know, with those ambitions. If everything is received as we hope, we have the possibility of seeing crossovers in some places. »

For your part, do you think like Dwayne Johnson that it’s a bad idea for DC to want to copy Marvel too much? Tell us in the comments.

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