The competition is picking up, this 50 GB mobile plan is insolent


Did you know that in France, the cost of a mobile plan is among the lowest in Europe? For a long time, operators waged a price war that saw customers emerge as the big winners. Little by little, they want to go up the slope to preserve their margins, especially in a context of rising costs.

It is for this reason that today there is almost no mobile plan under 15 to 20 euros per month. RED by SFR, figure of the mini prices, is at 17 euros per month for 100 GB, Free is at 13.99 euros for 110 GB (then 19.99 euros after one year), etc. On the market, however, there is an exception that proves the rule: the MVNO Prixtel.

Prixtel continues to be the most aggressive of the moment with a mobile plan that makes the competition pale: the Oxygen formula contains unlimited calls, SMS and MMS and 50 GB for 9.99 euros per month. This envelope meets the expectations of 99% of French people: it is already gigantic. For the little you use Wi-Fi at home and in the office, it is almost impossible to exceed this threshold.

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And even if you exceed this threshold, the MVNO gives you an adjustment mechanism that has nothing to do with out-of-bundle. Its subscription naturally adapts to the specific needs of each user. It corresponds to a kind of 3-in-1 formula where the customer is the big winner. We will explain the details below.

How does the adjustment mechanism work?

Whether it is the Oxygen package or the other two subscriptions in the range (Le grand and Le Géant), the operator always adopts the same operation. To use the example of the Oxygen mobile plan above, here is how it adjusts.

  • If you stay under 50 GB per month, the package will therefore remain at 9.99 euros per month.
  • If your consumption is between 50 and 90 GB per month, this mobile plan will then rise to 12.99 euros over the period. In other words, the basic subscription turns into a 90 GB package for 12.99 euros. It is a one-time use: the following month, you can very well go back down to the 50 GB level if you fall below this use.
  • If your consumption is between 90 and 130 GB per month, the Oxygen package then costs 15.99 euros per month. Again, this increase is temporary over a month. The following months, you can very well fall back on the 50 or 90 GB levels. In terms of value for money, the 130 GB at 15.99 euros remains a very good compromise.

Clearly, the MVNO offers you here a 3-in-1 mobile plan that adapts to the strong variations in customer use. This is practical if you do not necessarily have the same consumption from one month to another. For example, during the holidays, we tend to use more mobile data in 4G than Wi-Fi. Conversely, when it is winter, people are more on their Wi-Fi at home or at the office. .

The three Prixtel subscriptions follow the same principle: the customer is the big winner in this way of adjusting prices. Not only is this mobile plan cheaper than all the other subscriptions available at the moment, but it is also much more flexible and advantageous. If you had to recommend a single subscription in the Prixtel range, it would be the Oxygen formula.

See the Oxygen formula

A mobile plan that detonates

The Oxygen formula is a flash sale that should end in a few days. Conversely, Le Grand and Le Géant are two subscriptions that are in the historical range. They have a similar operating principle to that detailed above, but they have one specificity: their price goes up after six months as detailed explicitly on the MVNO website. So there is a difference between the first 12 months and the rest.

Let’s first take the example of the Le grand mobile plan. Like all the other plans in the range, it provides unlimited calls, SMS and MMS. The data part is different: by default, you have 100 GB for 10.99 euros per month. As we said earlier, the competition is picking up: 17 euros for 100 GB at RED by SFR, 15.99 euros at Bouygues Telecom or 14.99 euros for 80 GB at Orange (then 29.99 euros after a year ).

However, this package sees its price change after the first 6 months. For the 100 GB, you will then have to add 3 euros more, or 13.99 euros per month. We also find the mechanism with higher data levels: 120 or 140 GB for respectively 13.99 euros or 16.99 euros per month. After six months, each of these levels also increases by 3 euros.

The giant is strictly the same principle, except that the levels are even higher and the price is therefore also higher. For this mobile plan, you have 140 GB by default for 12.99 euros per month. There are two optional tiers, the highest of which is 200 GB for 18.99 euros per month. After the first six months, the levels also increase by 3 euros each. This is to be taken into account in your long-term budget.

How to switch to Prixtel?

Are you convinced by this mobile plan (and you are right)? All that remains is to take the step of migrating your telephone number from your current operator to Prixtel. This part has become very simple and will only take a few minutes. You must first call 3179 to obtain your RIO code. This is directly associated with your telephone number.

When you enter this code in the Prixtel registration form, you will trigger two things: the automatic termination of your current contract and the transfer of your number to Prixtel. You will just have to pay 10 euros for a SIM card to be able to take advantage of your mobile plan. It’s the same with all operators, there are no hidden costs from Prixtel.

You will then have all the comfort of being able to take advantage of your mobile plan at Prixtel. If at any time, for whatever reason, it no longer suits you, you have the option of leaving this contract: it is non-binding. This allows you to go elsewhere without having to worry about any time or financial constraints.

To find out more, it’s here:

See the offers of Prixtel

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