Against Boursorama and this insolent bonus, no bank can compete


In France, Boursorama flies over the online banking segment : while it has more than 4 million customers, its first rival Hello bank! only has 700,000. It also prefers to compare itself to traditional banks that it could catch up in 1 or 2 years.

Its growth is crazy and it is thanks to an ultra complete, free offer and a reactive and applied customer service that it stands out. For four days (and until Monday evening October 24), it also offers an exceptional bonus for all new customers. The simple fact of opening an account and choosing a free bank card pays you 150 euros in cash.

Open a Boursorama account

No offense to some, this is the first time that online banking has offered such a substantial bonus with such flexible conditions. The procedure is divided into two steps: there are 70 euros which will be paid to you when you have activated your account. This involves completing the registration form (a few minutes) and making a first deposit into your account.

The second part, which is 80 euros, is paid when you choose the bank card. We remind you that the Welcome and Ultim bank cards are free and without income conditions. The Metal card is chargeable (9.90 euros per month) and the payment of this bonus is adapted: it is free for the first 8 months that will be offered to you.

Do I have to be active with Boursorama Banque?

You should also keep one thing in mind when you choose Boursorama Banque: you do not have to justify or domicile income, you do not have to make it a main account and you do not have to close your current account. This online bank account can be used as a secondary account, like that of a neo-bank like Revolut.

That said, you will quickly realize the quality of online banking… and perhaps adopt it as your main bank in the long term. First, the quality of the offer is convincing: it is as complete as a network bank. This means that you can have your account, subscribe to loans, open one or more savings books or even invest in the stock market and choose insurance.

In terms of the competitiveness of these products, Boursorama Banque is among the best in France. For 14 years, it has also been elected “the cheapest bank in France” (not only among online banks) by our colleagues from the newspaper Le Monde. For the classic customer who is never overdrawn, the bank is free. According to an internal study, more than half of customers pay nothing for the year.

Open a Boursorama account

In a note written internally, Boursorama Banque claims that the average of all its customers pays 7.79 euros in fees (those who are free + those who pay), which is ridiculous. By way of comparison, the average French person paid around 219 euros in fees for the service of their bank in 2021. Leaving for this online bank therefore also means choosing to reduce their bank fees on average by around 210 euros per year.

Obviously, the special Pink Weekend bonus of 150 euros is very attractive. In the short term, Boursorama Banque offers you a nice gift. Above all, it is easy to get: you would be wrong not to seize this opportunity. You can then always choose to start using Boursorama later. In any case, this is the best time to get paid to open an account.

A Pink Weekend until Monday evening

This year, Boursorama Banque rewarded its customers with a few Pink Weekend transactions. However, online banking imposed slightly more complicated conditions to validate and an often lower premium. You have for this weekend and until October 4 an opportunity to seize these 150 euros in cash with ease.

Among the bank’s three bank cards, there is one that represents almost all account openings: the Ultim card. This is equivalent to a Visa Premier on insurance and guarantees. Boursorama Banque is the only establishment in France to offer it without income conditions and without any contribution. You just have to use it at least once a month to keep it free.

Why is Boursorama Banque so generous this weekend? That’s because she just announced the launch of her new website this Wednesday. She therefore took the opportunity to carry out a major communication operation with a very generous bonus of 150 euros. Does she need it? No, not really: in the long term, customers have understood that they were making huge savings on bank charges. In addition, its range of banking products is excellent.

Finally, rest assured about customer service: it is also of very high quality. The online bank has won the first step of the Customer Relations Podium for the past 3 years. Despite the fact that it does not have physical agencies to welcome its customers, its support is very responsive. It is available by phone, chat or email over much longer hours than a traditional bank. This allows those with long working hours to reach their bank, even in the evening and on Saturdays.

You must open your account before Monday evening here:

Open a Boursorama account

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