Internet shutdowns are costing these countries huge sums


The numbers are chilling. Top 10 VPN analysts annually estimate the cost of internet outages around the world. Note that these are blockages knowingly decided by governments and not technical problems. In particular, they take into account the measures imposed on access providers and the closures of major social networks.

A considerable impact on economies

If we look at the period from 2019 to 2022, these shutdowns will have cost the global economy $35 billion. This year, it is Russia that wins the palm of this rather inglorious list. The country of Vladimir Putin would thus have lost more than 15 billion dollars in these deliberate cuts.

We also know that social networks such as Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter are now prohibited from accessing the site. In reality, many Russians continue to access it using VPNs. Myanmar and Kazakhstan complete the podium with 705 and 410 million dollars flown away.

It should be noted that the impact of these partial or total cuts can be very harmful to the economy, in particular by preventing online sales but also by considerably slowing down communications which are now limited to SMS and telephone.

The idea behind this report is to show the general public and policy makers just how problematic this outright censorship is. It already is in terms of respect for public freedoms, but it is also a financial abyss for nations that do not need that.

Samuel Woodhams and Simon Migliano, who had worked on this report in 2020, already explained it very clearly: In economic terms, the disruptions affect not only the formal economy, but also the informal, especially in less developed countries. There can also be lasting damage with loss of investor confidence and failing development. »

They then warned: On the human rights side, these closures clearly affect citizens’ freedom of expression and right to information and may even lead to an increase in violence. “.

What is also worrying is the trivialization of these cuts and censorship. Some countries like China fully assume to partially cut off their citizens from the rest of the world. Other authoritarian regimes dream of the same fate. If their plans are carried out, the single Internet as we have known it will be a thing of the past, and several separate networks will coexist.

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