NASA needs you, Netflix account sharing and Warren Buffet’s latest bet


Contents: why NASA asked millions of French people to observe an asteroid on October 23, account sharing becomes payable on Netflix on January 1, new heavy American sanctions against China, and Warren Buffet’s latest bet very followed by investors.

Why NASA asked millions of French people to observe the sky this Sunday


NASA asks millions of French and Europeans to observe the rare transit of an asteroid in front of a star. The passage of the object was short (the phenomenon was only visible for about ten minutes) and took place around 4 am. For alignment issues, the transit of the asteroid was only visible from certain parts of Europe, in particular from a wide diagonal passing through the middle of mainland France.

Netflix account sharing becomes paid on January 1, 2022

Excerpt from Love in the Villa and Netflix logo

Netflix has just confirmed this to Cnet US. As of January 1, 2023, new measures will be put in place to combat the current state of account sharing. Netflix is ​​indeed forced to act against this very common practice which costs it many subscriptions. From this date, Netflix will start charging an additional 3 euros as soon as it detects that accounts are being used away from the account holder’s household.

New particularly tough US sanctions against China


The United States seems to be embarking on an all-out economic war against China, following recent decisions by the administration of Joe Biden. Technology firms based in China will no longer be able to buy the most advanced components – as long as their manufacture and/or design involves one or more American patents. This affects most of the semiconductors available in 2022.

Guess what Warren Buffet’s new bet is…

Warren BuffettApple

Warren Buffet remains a particularly successful businessman and we understand that each of his most important decisions are closely followed by investors. Its latest concerns the purchase for more than 15 billion dollars of 20% of the shares of Occidental Petroleum, whose capitalization has exploded by 110% since the beginning of the year. This massive investment is the entrepreneur’s largest in recent years – and is particularly reminiscent of what he did with Apple. Between the health crisis and the war in Ukraine, the outlook is once again favorable for the oil sector in the short and medium term.

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