Will the future of video games go through cloud gaming?


Less than three years ago, Google launched its cloud gaming service called Stadia. The planets seemed to align for the tech giant, which started almost at the start of the health crisis, when demand for video games was very strong. The shortage of electronic chips should also benefit the new platforms.

However, nothing went as planned. Stadia has not found its audience, and will close on January 18. In this delicate context, we can therefore wonder if these cloud gaming services still embody the future of video games.

Cloud gaming, an asset against piracy?

And precisely, a survey conducted by Perforce this year allowed to question 313 professionals of the video game industry on this subject. Among the interfaces that have the greatest growth potential by 2025, respondents are thus 40% to cite streaming. This is far more than mobile games (20%), the metaverse (18%), or even game consoles (10%).

To explain this result, emarketer experts believe that the development of 5G will act as an accelerator for cloud gaming with much better quality rendering and much faster downloads than in the past. All without it being too necessary to invest in often expensive equipment.

The strengthening of video game streaming could also have an unintended consequence on the side of developers. In 2021, Sony filed a patent called: “System and method for streaming game video”. The latter focuses in particular on piracy which could be purely and simply eliminated in this way.

The Japanese company explains as follows: Games can no longer be hacked as they are today. As each game is stored and executed at the hosting service, users do not have access to the underlying program code, so there is nothing to hack. Even if a user were to copy the source code, they would not be able to run the code on a standard game console or personal computer. »

Whether this method will work remains to be seen. We know that pirates are often one step ahead in this game of cat and mouse, and that it is very difficult to catch them out.

For your part, are you a customer of a cloud gaming service, and if so, are you satisfied with it? Tell us in the comments.

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