5 little-known tips for enjoying Netflix


Despite a bad patch, Netflix remains one of the most popular streaming platforms. In particular, it can count on its original productions, such as Stranger Things or The Bridgerton Chronicle, to stay afloat. Although you are a fan of binge-watching on the platform, we’re willing to bet that you don’t know some tricks to fully enjoy Netflix.

Disable autoplay of episodes and trailers

Netflix powers your binge-watching with a feature that’s as handy (sometimes) as it is (often) annoying: autoplay. The streaming platform puts everything in place to prevent you from dropping out. If you watch a series, the next episode starts before you have time to say “phew”. If you’re watching a movie or just finished a series, Netflix offers you a preview of several programs you should like with trailers that play automatically.

But you have the option to end the dictatorship of autoplay. Indeed, this feature enabled by default can easily be turned off. To do this, simply go to your profile and then to your account settings. When you are in your “Reading Settings”, you then have to uncheck the automatic reading of the episode as well as that of the previews. We explain how to do it step by step in our detailed tutorial.

Screenshot Netflix Autoplay

Screenshot © Netflix / Lemon Squeezer

Access hidden Netflix subcategories

Netflix offers so much content that we sometimes spend more time choosing our program than watching it. If the platform offers many categories of films (action, comedies, dramas, SF or even independent) or series (teens, romance, anime or even docu-series), there is a way to refine them a little more.

Hundreds of very specific subcategories are available. You just need to know their codes. So, if you are looking for an animated movie with animals as protagonists (yes, that’s specific), you will find them by adding “/genre/5507” at the end of the URL https://www.netflix. com/browse/. For lovers of dramas inspired by real events, you will have to use the code 3653. The ogres-crypt site lists all these hidden sub-categories. What, perhaps, will help you choose your program more quickly.

Find the recap of your series

In general, several months or even years pass between two seasons of a series. Let’s face it, it’s sometimes hard to remember everything that happened in the last season after so much waiting. Netflix offers you a recap of the past season when you launch the new burst of episodes of your series. You have the option of skipping this summary, as is the case with the credits. However, if you accidentally click the “Skip Recap” button, the new season kicks off without you having been able to rekindle your memories.

But nothing is lost! Good news: the summaries of the different seasons of your series can be found on Netflix very simply. But still need to know…

La Casa de Papel series recap on Netflix

Screenshot © Netflix / Lemon Squeezer

To find all the recaps made with love by Netflix, just go to the “Episodes and info” category for your series and scroll to the bottom. In the “Trailers and more” section, you should find your happiness. In our tutorial, we explain the process in detail.

Customize the subtitles of your programs

Did you know that you can customize the subtitles of your programs on Netflix? Yes, sometimes the subtitles are not readable enough for you. Size, font, shadow, color… All of this can be changed easily in your settings.

When you are on Netflix, all you have to do is go to your account settings and then select the profile you are interested in. Then, all you have to do is click on “Display subtitles” and you’re done. Customize the subtitles to your liking for the best Netflix experience. Easy as pie…

Lock your Netflix profile with a PIN

Are several of you using Netflix? If you don’t assume certain programs that you watch on your profile (but I promise, it doesn’t matter if you watch the fullA boy a girl or that you chain the episodes of Miraculous), there is a feature that should interest you. Indeed, Netflix allows you to lock your profile with a PIN code. Thus, other users of your account do not have access to your profile. Likewise, if young children use your account, it can prevent them from wandering off to their dedicated youth account and stumbling upon programs they are not supposed to see.

Screenshot Netflix PIN Code

Screenshot © Netflix / Lemon Squeezer

To add a PIN code to your profile, you must, again, go to your account settings and then choose the profile you want to lock. Click “Profile Lock” and set a 4-digit PIN. From now on, other users will have to type this code to access your profile or to create new profiles to the account.

Some always useful keyboard shortcuts

Finally, if you watch Netflix from your computer, you probably know some handy keyboard shortcuts. But do you know them all? Not sure… Did you know that you can skip the credits by pressing the S key? Pressing the M button will mute the sound. Finally, to increase or decrease the sound, the up or down arrows are essential.

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