At less than 12 euros per month, this mobile plan stands out as one of the best of the moment


For a few days, YouPrice displays mobile plans at insolent prices, ridiculing the competition. If you are looking for an offer that matches Actually to your needs without putting a dent in your budget, you will love this adjustable nugget at less than 12 euros per month.

YouPrice relies on the SFR and Orange networks so that you can browse at full speed without slowing down. The MVNO strives to offer you packages that really suit you: you only pay for what you use. From 40 to 90 GB, you will have to find what you are looking for with YouPrice’s special Halloween adjustable plan.

The cheapest package in the range is 7.99 euros and allows you to take advantage of a 40 GB envelope in 4G. We tell you all about the extremely advantageous offer from YouPrice.

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Up to 90 GB for less than €12 per month at YouPrice

To start, YouPrice gives you the choice of the network you use: SFR or Orange. Either way, both are renowned for their reliability, speed, and quality.

Next, the MVNO adopts an adjustment mechanism so that you only pay for what you consume. Thus, YouPrice offers a first level at 7.99 euros per month. You then benefit from an envelope of up to 40 GB in 4G as well as unlimited calls, SMS and MMS. An interesting formula. If you don’t have excessive consumption, 40 GB is enough for a month. Indeed, the French use on average less than 20 GB of data per month. So with 40 GB, you will be able to browse the networks, listen to your music in the car or in transport on Spotify or Deezer, make a few video calls and even watch one or two episodes of this series that you love. without falling foul.

If a month, you use between 40 and 70 GB, you go to the next level and will have it for 9.99 euros. Finally, between 70 and 90 GB, it will cost you 11.99 euros per month. Of course, calls, SMS and MMS are always unlimited. So every month your bill actually corresponds to what you consumed. This is a gold gold offer but it is not eternal. You have until October 31 to enjoy. After, it will be too late.

The MVNO offers its Spooky Halloween offer without engagement. With YouPrice, you are therefore free. But the MVNO relies on the best French networks and reveals the most interesting prices on the market. Two strong arguments to make you stay. Note that YouPrice has other advantageous packages to offer.

If you want to pick up speed, 5G is available for only 4 euros extra each month. Other options are also possible in order to create a package that really suits you.

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Why choose YouPrice?

Despite its young age, YouPrice is an MVNO that has everything to seduce. Not only does it offer non-binding packages at rock-bottom prices, but its offers are also adjustable. Another argument? The possibility of taking advantage of the Orange and SFR networks, currently considered the best, for a low price. In addition, YouPrice is a 100% digital mobile operator. A few minutes, and a few clicks, are enough to subscribe to the best mobile offer of the moment. Everything is simple and intuitive. Of course, you can customize your plan on the dedicated site.

Finally, changing your mobile plan does not necessarily mean that you have to change your number. Indeed, you can keep your current phone number free if you go to YouPrice. All you have to do is call 3179 to retrieve your RIO number and communicate it when subscribing to the MVNO Spooky Halloween offer.

You have until October 31, 2022 to benefit from the best mobile offer of the moment. So it’s now or never!

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