Stop using your bank card on the Internet (and use this one)


It has never been so dangerous to use your credit card for purchases on the Internet in the face of the risk of fraud and piracy. The card may be the most popular means of payment in France (61% of transactions in 2021), it is also the prey of all types of fraud. Just behind checks, bank card payments are the main sources of fraud (34%) according to figures from the Banque de France.

To counter nearly 7.5 million fraudulent transactions in France in 2021, solutions do exist. Already, two-factor authentication has started a downward trend, but there are even simpler ways to counter the bad guys who are close to emptying your bank accounts. Among them is the ephemeral virtual card. The neo-bank Revolut is one of the few establishments to offer it, in addition to its coverage and insurance on purchases.

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Bank card

Monthly cost of the card: 0 €

Euro zone withdrawals: Free up to €200 per month • Euro zone payments: Free

Foreign currency withdrawals: Free up to €200 per month • Foreign currency payments: Free

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Ephemeral virtual bank card

Revolut is not the most searched bank in Europe for nothing. Among its advantages, it offers ephemeral bank cards. These dematerialized cards do not exist at all banks, far from it. They offer the possibility of leaving no chance for a fraudulent site to continue to charge you once the payment has been made. An ephemeral bank card is a virtual card that is destroyed after each payment. Their contact details are therefore for single use only.

Your credit card information can therefore not be stolen and used elsewhere. At the same time, you won’t have to learn the details of each card because Revolut allows you to use Apple Pay or Google Pay, or copy and paste the details of the new card with a quick gesture from its application. Note that an ephemeral virtual card can very well be used in another context, for a physical payment. All you have to do is make a mobile payment with your phone. This is a good solution if again you enter a store that you do not inspire confidence.

At N26, Revolut’s competitor, ephemeral virtual cards are not available. The neo-bank only offers virtual cards, which therefore do not have the same interest and cannot protect a customer as well during an online payment. Revolut therefore has a boulevard in front of it on this advantage, and the neo-bank has understood this well. In addition to its ephemeral bank card, it has developed a whole host of additional advantages for the security of online purchases and payments.

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Insurance and guarantees

This is the second point that argues to go through Revolut for payments on the Internet. Thanks to its Revolut Plus card, at €2.99 per month, the neo-bank manages to offer all the protections and guarantees for purchases to its customers – thanks to a partnership with Qover services. By subscribing, you’ll get a credit card with theft and accident coverage, ticket and event coverage, and refund protection. Revolut Premium and Revolut Metal also have these same guarantees. Only the free plan of Revolut does not allow access to protections on purchases.

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If you need to use Revolut’s insurance, everything will be done from the app. In its “hub” of features, the neo-bank offers an “Insurance” tab that will allow you to directly access the one you want to use. Then, Revolut follows you in the complaint filing process and asks you to provide by photo or document the elements relevant to the analysis. If an item needs to be returned, Revolut works with Qover and asks you to return the product to its premises in Belgium. Shipping costs are covered up to 50 euros.

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